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Ajax Programming

New Ajax/Rails Web Site Released: places2go.org

Hello guys,

http://www.places2go.org: is a new site i
have just released, still in beta.

It allows you to store your favorite places in your home town
or anywhere in the world. The initial idea was to do something like
delicious but for physical places.

You add places you like and want to eventually go back some day. Also
as locations, can be defined as private or public (being public the
default), other people can search them and store them in their own
list of favorite places.

To add a new place you start by clicking in a spot in a google map. A
find bar on top of the map allows you to go to a specific city easily.

To each place you can: categorize with tags, add an address, add
photos and add comments.

When searching you can filter by: country, city and tags.

Technically, the site is built on Rails and i try to use AJAX as much
possible to make it as simple to use as possible.

I'm not a designer, so that was probably the most difficult part to me
when building this site (i tried to keep it simple) but its still the
part a like less. I'm more happy with the functional part i got done.

As i said at the beginning, the site is still on beta, so please take
a look at it and i would very much appreciate any comments you may
have, including if you find it could be useful or not.

I'm attaching a few screenshots.


thank you for listening,

Pedro Costa.

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