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Ajax Programming

Persistent Cookies

I am having a problem with some javascript cookies and IE. First let
me show you the example :


So 'Toggle Tools' Shows or hides the text above the nav and when you
browse away from the page by using the 'other' link it is supposed to
remember its state. It works fine in Firefox and Safari for the Mac
and Firefox on the PC, but it does not remember its state in IE 6, and
I am not sure about IE7.

The cookie stuff is in misc.js.

I am all out of ideas.


Add some debug statements to see what is the error.

See if the error is checking the cookie or in some other logic that needs to
show it.

Old School Debug with IE (Add alerts)


On 2/15/07, anathema <spamfreeunive@gmail.com> wrote:

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