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Ajax Programming

Problem - Dynamicly inserted DIV content without innerHTML

I am working on an intranet with a menu with over 1000 items, including
entries for directories and files.

What I want to do is load each menu via a mouseOver, writing the
entries dynamically using AJAX, so the whole menu won't have to be
loaded at one time, as presently that causes the CSS based menu to load
rather slowly in IE.

The problem I am having is this, when I try to use innerHTML to insert
the menu section, only the first level is available in IE - in Firefox
it works fine.

I have been researching using DOM methods to insert the HTML, that is
dynamically written via PHP, into the index page.

If I use createTextNode, the HTML tags are escaped and displayed as
text themselves, as opposed to being parsed. I'd rather not have to
write a script to parse the HTML and dynamically create element and
text nodes. That could take a while!

Is there a good way to dynamically emulate the behavior of innerHTML
with DOM methods, or even if not, other methods of inserting HTML into
a DIV area?

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