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Ajax Programming

SENIOR INTERFACE ENGINEER WANTED to build a web-based perpetual motion machine (NY)

We're a startup building a new way for people to publish. It's a
little like Wikipedia only we have an obvious way to make money. It's
user-generated and self-funding and we believe that it will take off
quickly once it's launched. We have some experience in this area -
what we're doing is similar to another business that we just sold for
$33 million.

We need a Senior Interface Engineer to work for 6 intensive weeks, from
Groundhog Day to St. Patrick's Day. After that, this may evolve into
a longer-term position if you're interested. Pay is competitive plus
we're offering upside as a kicker.

If you're interested, please don't just send us your resume. Take a
minute to write a short cover note and tell us about yourself, such as
what you like to do when you're not working or why you'd rather work
at a startup than a Wall Street firm. (Resumes are so tedious without
at least a brief note!) Our policy is that if you invest the effort to
write us a personalized note, we'll reciprocate and write you back,
whether or not it's a good fit.


Design and develop client-side user interfaces
Work with engineers to define back-end communications layer (XML)

Required competencies:

4+ years client-side programming experience
Strong DHTML/AJAX or Flash alternative
Strong scripting skills using JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc
Knowledge of other technologies such as Java, Ruby, .NET, ASP, XML,
and XSLT a plus
Thorough knowledge of XHTML and CSS and the standards that define
Understanding of different platforms and browsers and the display
differences between them
Excellent user-centric/focused analysis skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Experience with Photoshop

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