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Cervo Technologies
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MS Dynamics CRM 3.0

Ajax Programming

Telecommute UI Architect/Principal Engineer, AJAX/Javascript

I am recruiting for individuals who might have an interest in working
remote from the comfort of their own home while working on open-source
projects and using the latest in UI technologies such as AJAX. These
positions are full-time and 100% remote/telecommute, with salaries of
$120k plus, annually. The project and company are funded by two very
well-known tier-one VC's, in fact they raised $8.4MM in their last
round. Their management includes founders and 'C'-level executives from
Documentum, Interwoven and Business Objects. The project is the
industries first, large scale, widely distributed, business application
with 25,000 downloads monthly. If you're interested I have many more
facts about the product and company and their open-source project, feel
free to call me (matthew at verticalmove dot-com) for more details.
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