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Ajax Programming

TreeView checkboxes AutoPostBack with AJAX


 There is a known problem with TreeView checkboxes in ASP.NET: they
can't do AutoPostBack. So I've solved this problem like this:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

function postbackOnCheck()
   var o = window.event.srcElement;
   if (o.tagName == 'INPUT' && o.type == 'checkbox' &&
       o.name != null && o.name.indexOf('CheckBox') > -1)



<asp:TreeView onclick="postbackOnCheck()" ID="treeContent"
 runat="server"> ... And so on ... </TreeView> This way I get full
postback each time the user checks\unchecks the checkbox.

But now I want to modify this code in order to make use of AJAX: I
don't want the FULL postback, but I only want the tree itself to be
updated. Of course, I've started by placing it inside the UpdatePanel.
But what now? Can somebody help me with this issue?

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