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Ajax Programming

Validating a user on the server side, for each AJAX request.

Hi everyone,

I have recently started working with JavaScript, and I quickly became
intrigued by AJAX, and what it has to offer. My website is a freely
available CMS system called Dragonfly (from www.dragonflycms.org). I
would like to incorporatre AJAX into it's inner workings, or at least
try to do it with a few modules first. The problem that I have, is how
to validate a user with each request. I am sure it has something to do
with cookies, but I am not sure how exactly, they need to be used.

At the present time, for HTML content, the users cookies are read, and
they are validated that way. Is there any simple way to validate a user
for each AJAX request? Preferably without having to use 3rd party code,
although if that's what needs doing so be it, and I would appreciate
someone recommending a small, compact one that I could use.

The reason that I need to validate the user is that they are able to
modify their database information, so I don't want anyone else to be
able to just hijack the JavaScript code, and start modifying someone
elses data. Is there anyway that I can tie it into the current users
PHP $_SESSION on the server?

Many thanks.


The "Ajax" call to the server is actually happening from the users browser
therefore you should just be able to check the PHP SESSION object on the
server side call as it will follow the user.

On 12/18/06, Daz <cutenfu@gmail.com> wrote:

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