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Ajax Programming

Wikipedia with geo-browsing and AJAX

Hi all,

we thought it could be useful to experiment a bit with new technologies
(AJAX, knowledge extraction from WP etc.). Result is a user interface
for Wikipedia, which is largely based on AJAX, thus enabling previews of
images or referenced articles without reloading the current Wikipedia
page. Its called Pediax and accessible at:


Pediax also allows geo-browsing, i.e. geo-referenced Wikipedia articles
(currently over 50,000) are displayed on a map. It shows the 20 most
popular places/articles in the currently selected map area. On moves or
zooming of the map area the respective places/articles are updated (more
views on the Wikipedia content are currently under development).
Currently, everything is still a bit beta ;-) The CSS and JS code might
require some more tweaking. However, we are grateful for all hints,
feedback and ideas.


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