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Ajax Programming

lol At this groups topic

Ajax is a acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML.
Ajax isn't a technology, it's a design way to develop web applications
that feels less web and more desktop.

Some Ajax technologies are:
JavaScript, XMLHTTPRequest, XML, DOM e CSS.

"Ajax isnt a technology, some Ajax technologies are..."

On a more serious note I couldnt disagree with this statement more.

Lets look at the definitions floating around of Technology:

Mechanisms for distributing messages, including postal systems, radio
and television broadcasting companies, telephone, satellite and
computer networks.

is the set of tools both hardware (physical) and software that help us
act and think better. Technology includes all the objects from pencil
and paper to the latest electronic gadget. Electronic and computer
technology help use share information and knowledge quickly and
efficiently. What was previously slow and tedious is now easier and
more realistic. ...

. Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge
and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human
capabilities; 2. The innovation, change, or modification of the natural
environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.

knowledge which is used to make products or objects which make life

In my eyes technology is a means that improves apon an existing idea
that benefits something in some way.

Well here we have Ajax, Asynchronous Javascript and XML the XMLHTTP
object is a technology developed that we use to make our web
applications better. The advantages of of Ajax go beyond "the look and
feel" of a desktop applciation. ajax allows us to more specifically be
a solid application. Without ajax, we couldnt for example update the
user instantly without a)having the user refresh the page or b)
refreshing the page incrementally with a timer. that alone is more then
an asthetics, it could be critical to your application. imagine a chat
applet that wouldnt update the text until the page refreshed, VS an
ajax chat applet that only updates the page when someone else has typed
into there chat box. The functionality of ajax benefits both the user,
the functionality of the applicaiton, and the developer. Tehrefore I
hereby declare Ajax...

imho of course...

I think you had a little too much time on your hands there. :)


On 11/13/06, o0JoeCool0o <o0JoeCoo@gmail.com> wrote:


On 11/14/06, Eric Pascarello <alienf@gmail.com> wrote:

.net noobie

You know this framework is not big enough for the two of us!


I totally did. :D

On 11/14/06, .net noobie <dotnetnoo@gmail.com> wrote:

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