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Ajax Programming

problem recieving data

Hey there,

As you might have guessed I've got a problem concerning AJAX.

I've got the following website:
On the website I'm trying to recieve data and print it. The data comes
from a php file: http://boardspots.com/getdata.php as you can see the
output from the file is valid XML however the other page where I try to
recieve the data gives an error.

All I get is a one and in the javascript console I get an error that
points to some "^" or something.

Anybody knows whats going wrong?

Help is much appreciated

Hi all,

Can you be a little more specific? I need to reproduce the error.


Ajax can work without it, if you have issues with the missing www, it is an
issue with the way your server is set up.


On 12/6/06, Sara Eliah <sara.el@gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry,  I am speaking about Yorian mail.

Sorry guys,

Somebody helped me figure the problem out already. I wasn't thinking.
What I did wrong was request the data as xml but handle it as if it
were just text.

By the way, Sara the www is not needed for ajax, it actually isn't
needed at all and it would be better to do without. http://no-www.org

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