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Ajax Programming

suggest good ajax or javascript framework

Hello group

I am starting a new project based on Ajax (JavaScript, php, mysql). It
is a web based business application. For this I will be using all
possible widgets to make it look like desktop application.

I don't have much experience with Ajax or JavaScript so searched the
net for available frameworks. I came across many frameworks but I am
not able to decide on which one is the good. As per my requirements I
think dojo is the one I need but when I tried to figure out its working
I felt its difficult to implement or may be I felt because I dealt with
frameworks first time in my whole career.

I love to do coding and i have my own framework for php. I think I can
write one for Ajax also but for now I am short on time.

So my question is that which framework is on top to be used for web
based application and to implement Ajax and JavaScript in every
possible way and in easy way.

I have googled for this but I am not satisfied with results. I need
some experienced answer and I think this group is the right place.

Thanks in advance


Hi Romi,

The most widely used PHP AJAX library is xAjax, which allows you to
define functions as you normally would and then make them AJAX callable
via a single line of code. In terms of raw market share (again
according to the Ajaxian.com poll), xAjax rules the PHP universe and
it's easy to see why. The syntax is simple, clean, and gets the job
done with minimal hassle.

Source: Which AJAX Library Is Right for Me?

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