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i have a xml file as shown below. i want that wen i click on 1heading1 ,description of 1heading1 appear and wen i click on 2heading2 , description of 2 heading2 appears
any suggestions for the .js file i 've to write


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<heading>'1 heading1' </heading>
<latestnews>1 ltst nws1</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>1rltd nws in othr1</relatednewsinother>
<description> 1description 1</description>
<URl>1 url 1</URl>

<heading>2 heading 2 </heading>
<latestnews>2 ltst news2</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>2 rltd nws in othr2</relatednewsinother>
<description>2 description 2</description>
<URl>2 url2</URl>

<heading>3 heading3</heading>
<latestnews>3ltst nws3</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>3rltd nws in othr3</relatednewsinother>
<description>3description 3 </description>

<latestnews>4ltst nws4</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>4rltd nws in othr4</relatednewsinother>
<description>4 description 4</description>

<latestnews>5ltst nws5</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>5rltd nws in othr5</relatednewsinother>
<description>5 description 5</description>

<heading>6heading6 </heading>
<latestnews>6ltst nws6</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>6rltd nws in othr6</relatednewsinother>
<description>6 description 6</description>

<heading>7 heading7 </heading>
<latestnews>7ltst nws7</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>7rltd nws in othr7</relatednewsinother>
<description>7 description 7</description>

<heading>8 heading8</heading>
<latestnews>8ltst nws8</latestnews>
<relatednewsinother>8rltd nws in othr8</relatednewsinother>
<description>8 description 8</description>


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