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C Programming Language

Cache Analysis


I had implemented PREFETCH (PREF @R1) insn and it's perfectly
generating instructions within the assembly code. Generation of
prefetch opcode value matches with objdump generated opcode and
simulator generated opcode.

The simulator can't cross verify the content of CACHE after data is
sent from register R1 to cache.

GDB (v-6.6) doesn't have support to verify cache content.

I had build the insn on GCC(v4.3) and cross-compiled for one of the
RISC based architecture.

How can I cross-verify the cache content?

Mukesh K Srivastava

In article <1180871289.126881.195@x35g2000prf.googlegroups.com>,

srimk@gmail.com <srimk@gmail.com> wrote:
>I had implemented PREFETCH (PREF @R1) insn and it's perfectly
>generating instructions within the assembly code.

Prefetch, assembly code, cache, odump, simulators, debuggers --
none of these things are defined by the C language. All of them
are system specific. You will need to ask in a newsgroup that deals
with your particular system or tool chain.

Do not, by the way, be surprised if it turns out that the answer is
"All you can do is put on a hardware probe."
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