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C Programming Language

Enhance your knowledge and boost your mind

Enhance your knowledge and boost your mind

A great way to improve your knowledge is a technique I used when I was
a student. After I had finished reading a book, I took a few blank
sheets and read the first page of the book again. Then I summarized
each page, and wrote the content of that page in my own words. With
just four to six sentences approximately. A really quick run like this
through this book took me about 70 - 80 minutes for this SEO course.
Then I read through my notes, and tried to remember what actually the
book told me. This technique works great. I encourage you to try it.


cutebravo said:

> Enhance your knowledge and boost your mind

Almost without exception, random URLs posted by
people-we-never-saw-before in here turn out to
be complete and utter junk, and frequently
off-topic to boot.

Convince us that you are different. Convince us
that you care about C programmers and are willing
to discuss the specific problems they face with
knowledge enhancement and mind boosting with regard
to C programming.

Or not, as the case may be.

Richard Heathfield
"Usenet is a strange place" - dmr 29/7/1999
email: rjh at the above domain, - www.

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