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Background image in Mdi form

Hi all,

I have one Mdi Container (Parent) and on this form i wont to set a small image in bottom Right corner, i have insert a imagebox and all was ok until i open a mdi child form and move were is that small image that i have in parent form, my image is always on front of any sub form that i open, i have try 100... things, but noting works, i have google, butte i dont find a solution / explanation for my problem.

In google i have find ppl recommending not to use image box and set the image as background image of that parent form, butte this way my img will show in tile mode, and i need this img in the corner.

After all this i think how cold i solve my problem, and i set a new form without borders, and insert my image in that form, butte with this i have a problem my parent form is resizable, i cant set a start position, if some user resize the form i need that image to stay always in the corner.

I don't know if i was clear, i hope so,

I'm developing in VB not in C#

If some one can give me a hand, or point me in the rite way I appreciate.

Best regards

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