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C# Programming

CF card GPRS Modem (pocket pc)

I have a GSM/GPRS compact flash card inserted in my pocket pc. I have
configured it with all connection settings because I want to use it to
connect to the internet with a C# socket.
I want to know how Ican wake up the modem and enable the connection
and also how I can stop the connection.
thank you very much

You better post this kind of questions in the CF NG.

You need to P/invoke the TAPI , not an easy task per se, they use some very
complex structs. Another approach is using a native dll to wrap all the
needed calls and  P/invoke this dll (I used this method).

Also check opennetcf.org , they may have a wrapper for TAPI already in place

"Sheikko" <shei@gmail.com> wrote in message


On 29 Mag, 16:29, "Ignacio Machin \( .NET/ C# MVP \)" <machin TA

thank you very much, i will try
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