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Change visible state for a Button


On a form, I place a buton with an OnClick event.  No problem.

I set the visible propperty of this button to false.
And reset it so true again,  the event isn't fired ans my app same to be
crashed ...

Any idea?


Can you clarify?
> On a form, I place a buton with an OnClick event.

Do you mean that you subscribe to the Click event?
> the event isn't fired

Do you mean that subsequently clicking the Button has no effect?
> my app same to be crashed ...

In what way?

What framework version? (1.1, 2.0?)

Are you doing anything unusual? threading?

The following works fine:

    static void Main() {
        using (Form f = new Form())
        using (Button b1 = new Button())
        using (Button b2 = new Button()) {
            b1.Text = "Toggle visible";
            b2.Text = "Click me";
            b1.Click += delegate { b2.Visible = !b2.Visible; };
            b2.Click += delegate { f.Text += " [click]"; };
            b1.Dock = b2.Dock = DockStyle.Top;
            f.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] {b2, b1});

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