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Critical Errors with Vista Event Logs

I have a test routine that looks at the Application, System, and Security
event logs.  I noticed that Vista added a new "type" of error called
"Critical".  However, VS 2005 doesn't list this new type in the
EventLogEntryType enum.  Is there some patch that updates this type
definition or some other way to correctly identify a "critical" error under
Vista's event logs?


Hi Steve,

Windows Vista has introduced a new eventing system, Windows Eventing 6.0,
and Windows Eventing 6.0 brings a new event level, Critical.

NET 2.0 doesn't support the event level, Critical. I think it may be
covered in the latest version of .NET Framework-.NET Framework 3.5 Beta.
You may get the .NET Framework 3.5 Beta from this link:


I also suggest that you use Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas", the next
generation development tool for Windows Vista, when you are going to use
NET Framework 3.5 Beta. You can download the Visual Studio Code Name
"Orcas" from the link below:


Hope this helps.

Linda Liu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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