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C# Programming

Dynamic compilation


I have a big problem. In fact, I have a program coded in C#. In this
one, I generate a vb.net assembly. Everything is ok. It works well.

But now, my problem is the following.

I want to export the .net object in1 created in the code I want to
Input is a class used in my c# and vb source
For example:

Input in1 = new Input();

And in my code I want to compile by fly. I will only write: I will not
declare the type. Just pass the object to my compilation


With control active script, it is possible to do that with the
function addobject. But it doesn't support vb.net

Could you help me please?

Thank you

<alexis.meill@gmail.com> wrote in message


Maybe your generated assembly needs a reference to the running C# assembly?
Have you done that yet?

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