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C# Programming

Export res files


I need to export all the res files of my localizable application.
I tried a simple copy/past in Excel of the "View Data", but it doesn't work,
neither an xml import in Word or Excel.

Is there a way to avoid to do it manually ?!


Hi Hector,

I am sorry that I couldn't understand your question exactly.

To make things clear, I'd like to ask several qestions.

1. What's the kind fo the 'localizable application'? Is it a WinForm
application or Web application?
2. What are the res files do you refer to?  Are they resource files with an
extension of .resx?
3. How you copy/paste the res files in Excel? Why do you want to do like

I look forward to your reply.

Linda Liu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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Hi Hector,

How about the problem now?

If the problem is still not solved, and you need our assistance, please
feel free to let me know.

Thank you for using our MSDN Managed Newsgroup Support Service!

Linda Liu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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