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C# Programming

GTK# Development Libraries?

I'm trying to start cross-platform development with Mono/.NET and

However, I love the VS.NET IDE, so I'd like to do my coding on Windows
with Visual Studio 2005 instead of on Linux with the crappy

I cannot for the life of me locate the Windows development libraries
for GTK#. All links to the "development" libraries for GTK# point me
to the runtime download for Windows @ http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?gtk-sharp

I've seen screencasts of people using Visual Studio to develop GTK#
apps (well, using Glade to create the UI though) but I can't locate
the download! I've been searching the web (Google, SourceForge, and
Novell) for a week, but no luck.

Does anyone here have a link to the VS.NET integration package for


What is the difference between development libraries and runtime
for .NET code ?

(I would say that you build against and run against the same
DLL files)



On May 30, 5:20 am, Arne Vajhj <a@vajhoej.dk> wrote:

I was looking for the VS-integration kit which adds some templates and
stuff to VS... I guess its a discontinued project :/

You talk to the people at Mono and they get all offended if you
say .NET isn't really cross-platform and GTK# isn't for Windows, but
then they don't even maintain their own code (last messages I can see
pertaining to a VS.NET Integration pack are for VS2003 from the year

So much for C# being cross platform.

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