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Hedge Fund Job - Looking for SQL / .Net developers

send resumes to resume.newsgr@gmail.com if interested.


Periodic report production including:
 Value at Risk and volatility reporting by portfolio
 Backtesting and historical performance measurement
 Portfolio segmentation analysis
 Portfolio reporting
 Comparative analysis
 Factor analysis reporting
 Portfolio level
 Position level
 Expected return by position
 Risk analysis by position
 Marginal impact
 Relative risk/reward performance
 Stress testing
 Correlation and concentration reporting
 By name
 By sector and industry

Development and maintenance of a risk management database:
 Creation of a centralized risk management database repository
 Daily data extraction from trading systems
 Sourcing and storage of market pricing information
 Automation of data feeds from the risk management database to other
applications or models

Supporting portfolio analysis:
 Portfolio volatility analysis
 Correlation and factor model development
 Relative risk adjusted performance measurement
 Historical and prospective
 By position, portfolio, strategy, etc.
 Ad hoc analysis of portfolio

 Microsoft.Net (C# preferred) and Microsoft SQL Server development
 Excel and VBA (required)
 2 to 4 yrs experience in financial services preferred
 Strong analytic background (Engineering, Sciences, Math, Finance,
 Knowledge of finance, statistics, risk management, database
management and linear algebra useful

Please send resumes to resume.newsgr@gmail.com if interested.


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