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Manual Scrolling a Controls View


I wish to create my own control (of type UserControl) which will show
audio data. In this control I have place 3 things, 2 objects that
represent audio plots for both left and right channels (each of type
UserControl), and a hScrollBar object. I will add further objects to
my control as time progresses. My main control will not be scrollable.
I have set the width of the plot controls to be equivalent in pixels
to what the audio file is in minutes. This scale suits my purposes but
I can add some zooming functionality later. I now wish to use the
horizontal scroll bar to slide certain sections of the audio into view
depending on the position of this scroll bar. How do I change which
sections of the plot controls that are visible?

Another way to do all this is to have the width of the plot controls
slightly less than that of the main control - so that it fits just
inside it. Then, I could simply pain to its view the segment of the
audio I wish to show - From 1:34 to 1:56 for example.

Which way would be best. Any other advice?

Thanks very mushc,


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