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C# Programming

Moving the caret in a multiline RichTextBox


I'm trying to implement a backspace on the "bottom" line of a multiline text
box.  I want it to be ignored if it's already at the beginning of that line.  
I think I've got the part about removing each character from the string that
represents that line, but how do I back up the caret?  I understand .NET 3.0
has implemented a method for doing backspaces, but I'd like to know how to do
it manually since not many people around here have installed 3.0.


Ray - Try using the Select method of the textbox with the new starting
position and a length of 0.  That should do the trick.

Gregg Walker


Sorry I left this out.  Additionally you will probably want to call
ScrollToCaret after calling Select.  This will bring the caret into view if
your scroll bars are in use.


int newPos;

... backspace logic

newPos = p;

text1.Select(p, 0);

Hope that helps.

Gregg Walker

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