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C# Programming

PageIndexChanging in a GridView


In my C# 2.0 web form project, I have GridView1 in Form1.aspx.
I am wondering why I can't find the PageIndexChanging event in the
Form1.aspx.cs but the GridView1 still can go to other pages.
So, where exactly does the C# 2.0 web handle the PageIndexChanging thing?
Thanks for help.


This probably should have been posted in the ASP.NET group since it is really
not a C# language question.

right - click on your gridview in Design mode on the page, and in the
Properites sheet, click the little yellow "events" lightning bolt icon at the
Then, double - cliick on the "PageIndexChanging" event and your event will
be wired up and stub code for the handler method will be created.
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