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C# Programming

Passing arguments to ClickOnce applications


Is there a simple way for passing arguments to applications deployed with
ClickOnce and having off-line capabilities.

My app takes arguments if I start it with the whole path to it
"c:\whole\path\myapp.exe /arg=123" but as I do not know where the
application reside on the client PC's I don't know the whole path.

Is there a way to do so by a system-variable as %the_path_to_your_app% or
what so ever, or is there any work around.

tnx a lot

Jean Paul

They claim that this is the answer:

but I can't get it to work.  I keep getting a blank ".Query".

On Jun 6, 3:00 am, "Jean Paul Mertens" <ON7@newsgroups.nospam>

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