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Problems debugging solution with multiple projects


I am facing a weird problem. When I am debugging a solution with multiple
projects, I always receive the message "the breakpoint will not currently be
hit. the source code is different from the original version." or something
like that.

In my solution, I have the business logic in a DLL and I use it in web
services and windows form applications. I keep using the Clean / Build
operation repeatedly and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is
driving me crazy!!!

The problems mainly happen when I need to debug the code in the DLL. I link
the library using the project itself (Add Reference / Projects / select
project), rather than directly accessing the DLL file in the bin folder),
which I think should be the right way to use it.

The only different thing I have on my PC is the fact that I had to install
Visual Studio 6.0 after I installed VS 2005. I also installed .NET 3.0 after

Please help!!!


Robson Siqueira
Enterprise Architect

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