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C# Programming

Redirecting keys using ActiveX RDP control in C#

I'm writing a simple Rdp client in C#. In the Remote Desktop connection
provided with windows, we can configure to redirect the winkey, and
other hot keys such as alt+tab under the Local Resource tab. But I've
been unable to do the same in an AcvtiveX RDP Client. Reading on MSDN i
thought the following will work -

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
userControl11.axMsRdpClient1.Server = "testserver";//put server here
userControl11.axMsRdpClient1.AdvancedSettings2.EnableWindowsKey = 0;
userControl11.axMsRdpClient1.AdvancedSettings2.HotKeyCtrlEsc = 0x23;


but it doesn't seem to work.So every time I hit the windows key, its the
local computers windows menu that pops up. I want the remote computer's
windows to do so. Same with the alt+tab and other escape sequences
Anybody knows how to do this?

PS: I just posted this message in one of the VB forums, by mistake and
even though i've been looking for it so that i can delete it, i cudn't
find :(

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