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C# Programming

Validations for controls on a panel not firing???

I am having problems with controls on a panel not firing.  The controls that
are directly on the form will validate, but the controls on the panel will
not validate.

I have the AutoValidate property for the form set to EnableAllowFocusChange
and then I call the ValidateChildren method when the save button is clicked.
If I cannot get the form to validate the controls, can I loop through each
control and call the validate event?


private void toolStripReviewActionItemsSaveItem_Click(object sender,
EventArgs e)


    // Validate all of the children controls

    // If any controls fail validation then show message box and return

    if (!this.ValidateChildren(ValidationConstraints.Enabled))


        // At least one of the controls failed validation


            "Please correct the data and attempt the save again.",

            this.Text + " - Invalid Data",




        // Return from the form and correct the bad data



    // Validation was successful so save the dataset to the database


    // Disable the controls that are used to add or edit records


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