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C# Programming

WCF Proxies

Hi Guys,

Is it expensive to create proxies in WCF?  I always create new proxy
instances (when not using sessions) so I don't have to worry about a
proxy falling into a Faulted state.  I started an application that
where performance is an issue, and I was curious if creating new
proxies is going to create a noticeable slowdown.



    I would think that this depends on whether or not they are open, or
closed.  If you have an open proxy, then you probably have a resource that
you don't want to hold onto for too long (this would depend on the
transport, whether it is a named pipe, a socket, msmq, etc, etc).

    I don't think that it's an issue generally though.  If you are thinking
of sharing a proxy, then I would make sure that you have threadsafe access
to the proxy, especially if you are performing callbacks.

    Overall though, I would create and dispose the proxies as needed.

          - Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP]
          - m@spam.guard.caspershouse.com

"james" <james.w@gmail.com> wrote in message


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