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C# Programming

Workflow Foundation TrackingDataItemValue collection property

I want to filter tracking information from a SqlWorkflowTrackingQuery
using a TrackingDataItemValue.

The SDK explains to me that the TrackingDataItemValue needs the
following fields to be set: ActivityName, MemberName, Value.

The SDK explains also to me that it is possible to assign a Collection
property member to the MemberName Property. But what the SDK not
explains is how to do this. I mean, What notation is required to get
this work?

Can anyone provide me the correct notation for this?

For example here some code to visualize what I need to do:

---------------------------- START EXAMPLE

 List<SqlTrackingWorkflowInstance> queriedWorkflows = new
 SqlTrackingQuery query = new SqlTrackingQuery("MyConnectionString");
 SqlTrackingQueryOptions options = new SqlTrackingQueryOptions();

 options.StatusMinDateTime = DateTime.MinValue;
     new TrackingDataItemValue("MyActivityName",
"MyCollectionPropertyName[MemberName??]", "MyValue"));

 queriedWorkflows = query.GetWorkflows(options);

---------------------------- END EXAMPLE

Sow what is the correct notation of
"MyCollectionPropertyName[MemberName??]"    ??

Best regards,


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