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C# Programming

69825 how to retrieve section CDATA from xml file
69824 WSDL
69823 Is it possible to run setup file from C# code?
69822 Problem with DllImport
69821 .Net,C#,OOPS,Java,JSP Interview Question With Answer
69820 Populating DownloadProgressChangedEventAr gs
69819 Dispose pattern
69818 Scale fonts
69817 Thread-Save WinForm GET calls
69816 Check if program is already running
69815 Data file only opened by 1 app.
69814 forcing combobox elements
69813 How to set a Property?
69812 wierd exception
69811 REG_BINARY to meaningful text
69810 Why can't a datetime be converted to a double?
69809 ComboBox usage
69808 VAB - IValidatorDescriptor is inaccessible due to protection level
69807 BindingSource Removing Current Row
69806 How to check if my com add-in already installed in this computer
69805 strange? by ref instead of by value
69804 Interfacing with Garmin GPS Device (Edge)
69803 Convert string to HorizontalAlign value
69802 TypeLoadException struct problems
69801 Streaming a dynamically created xml file (using memorystream) to let the client application pick it up automatically...
69800 Release build not optimizing
69799 How to get the date?
69798 What is the purpose of *.sln und *.suo files and why arey outside the project folder ?
69797 Deploying an Excel project for Excel 2003 AND Excel 2007
69796 Preventing resizing of a Form ?
69795 dialind modem to ISP
69794 Error: "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"
69793 how to use GetLogicalProcessorInformation , win32api, under using csharp
69792 Making System.Console.WriteLine() text outputs visible in a GUI program ?
69791 asynchronous web app
69790 Difference between Form1() and Form1_Load() ?
69789 An object reference is required for the nonstatic field, method or
69788 Show function
69787 How to change the namespace in all project files simultaneously ?
69786 Which "using" statement for OracleConnection ?
69785 Using System.IO.Ports namespace from VS2003
69784 Switch from "Form1.cs" to "Form1.ca [Design]" and back by HotKey in VisualStudio ?
69783 Type.GetCustomerAttributes(... ) Not Working as expected
69782 how to print this output in c#?
69781 Problem with Value in DataGridViewComboBoxColumn
69780 Open two winforms at same time...
69779 What is the difference between GetOracleDecimal and GetDecimal ?
69778 Is there an automatic re-build in VisualStudio when I change the source code ?
69777 AddValueChanged
69776 How to restrict variable (pointers) count to a single instance of an object ?
69775 Fade or remove the DropShadow
69774 Wrapper class template
69773 How to read data from Excel spreadsheet?
69772 Missing Row in DataSet
69771 Interface implementation question.
69770 WPF Threading Model
69769 how stable is linq?
69768 Microsoft .NET Core Requirements
69767 What is the difference between polymorphism and inheritance...
69766 WebServices...?
69765 How to deploy dlls included in a project that is not the startup project.
69763 Why invalid argument when connecting to an OracleDatabase ?
69762 DHCP SuperScopes
69761 Linq; expression parser?
69760 Attributes to expose enum to COM?
69759 COM+ Application Config. Issue
69757 How can I custom a listview which item contains a processbar-like control?
69756 Octal Integer Constants
69755 checking for Open Files
69754 keyedcollection
69753 how to clear merged cells in C#
69752 Asynchronous sockets and buffer size
69751 Catching non-UI threads' exceptions.
69750 Using same configuration for plugin host and plugin
69749 Capture a programs output.
69748 Dataset Relations null reference error =(
69747 Converting to/from a string without regard to culture
69746 How to hide combobox open control in datagridview
69745 Increasing dropdown list width in grid
69744 How to use code templates for entity properties
69743 EventHandler question
69742 reading data from serial port
69741 Photo capture!
69740 WebClient and Encoding
69739 Sending a file between 2 program
69738 Get process full path
69737 decimal separator, regional settings
69736 StmpClient does not seems to use NetworkCredential
69734 Automatically populate textbox in external webpage
69733 Globalization & Custom Converters
69732 PrinterSettings() in csharp
69731 image background help
69730 How to replace the "\\" char with "\"
69729 Serialization vs. program updates
69728 Matching Same Results In Single String
69727 Declaring variables in loops
69726 Browser Object - NavigateComplete2 event.
69725 Programmers Search Engine
69724 socket receiveTimeout and sendTimeout properties
69723 NativeMethods versus SafeNativeMethods versus UnsafeNativeMethods? (reflector)
69722 custom attributes in .Net 2.0
69721 Static instance Event fires more than one time
69720 Advice on setup and deployment
69719 ADO.NET - Working with DataSet
69718 Docking / positioning the toolbox in Visual Studio
69717 predefined constant for conditional compilation based on NETCF or Full framework?
69716 How to connect to Web Server with certificate?
69715 StringDictionary vs Dictionary<>
69714 BindingSource question
69713 Minimizing all Forms together
69712 How to disable the DataGridView sorting?
69711 VB to c# conversion...
69710 Importing a C#.NET dll into Delphi
69709 Imoprtant - naming conventions
69708 int arrays between C# and C++
69707 Validating XML on CF 1.x: how?
69706 Exctracting an icon from an EXE
69705 Dialog Handling Shortcut keys
69704 making a button not visible in a datagrid
69703 Mpeg & C#[win]
69702 How to detect System Time Change in CompactFramework?
69701 Data Bindings
69700 No Data After DataAdapter Update
69699 About DataGrid
69698 Installer: dynamically set value to interface dialog's textbox
69697 Sending a TO-DO List item from C#
69696 dropdown in DetailsView
69695 webservice
69694 collection editor, property grid, multiple types
69693 Debug a .NET applet
69692 Regex query
69691 Foundations of F# - Coming Very Soon
69690 Properties
69689 How to assign/call a function when a "Close" button of a Form is cliecked?
69688 Where is the project source code folder ?
69687 Searching for a simple (!) sample for accessing an Oracle database and read some data from it
69686 Standard browser object getting a 'Com Exception - Required Resource is in use.'
69685 Testing for DBNulls
69684 MyEnum.ToString() broke on .NET 3.0 machine
69683 Case insensitive compare of single characters
69682 Cyrilic (Russian) characters input
69681 Let VisualCShapr automatically insert necessary "using" statements ?
69680 Which menu is this, how to cancel it?
69679 What is the difference between TextWriter and StreamWriter ?
69678 Flex protocol
69677 VS Goes to Sleep
69676 Writing a simple function in C#
69675 Adding "please wait" message to datagridview
69674 passsing large number of parameters
69673 Searching simple sample for loading a XML document and access a node through XPath expression ?
69672 Objects, threads and construction order
69671 Can't debug IIS service from client app
69670 Session sharing in asp .net
69669 extacting values fom a webpage
69668 Getting the current time and format it to an own format ?
69667 How to rename the current Project ?
69666 How to write some text into the title bar and status bar of Form "Form1" ?
69665 How to update XML file?
69664 Become MCSD Certified
69663 Using regex in html code
69662 excel doesn't close after SaveAs; com object release trouble
69661 Refering Assemblies
69660 Stopping the Cancel button
69659 WCF WF
69658 Custom Software Development
69657 C# windows form never minimize
69656 pinvoke structure marshalling with embedded fixed strings... I'm going mad
69655 Synchronizing asynchronous HttpWebRequest
69654 collection modified, lock ?
69653 Detecting a script error in a browser object.
69652 How to extract filename information from running processes ?
69651 HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse Cookie Problem
69650 Post Test
69649 Are Regex slower than methods from classes like String & Char?
69648 how can i know column have identity true in runtimes
69647 maximize off screen
69646 need to assign null
69645 Call stack window in C# Express
69644 Accessing network PCs
69643 Formated Combo Box
69642 Code Templates(Item/ Project) in C#
69641 FileSystemWatcher
69640 YES/NO: Console.WriteLine use a lot of resources?
69639 XPathNavigator SetValue wipes out XmlType
69638 ArgumentOutOfRangeException When I Remove ListView items
69636 Communicating between threads
69635 Windows Service vs. Windows Application
69634 Read Excel Data Using ASP.net 2.0 C#
69633 multi threading in C#
69632 Conversion between collection interface types
69631 MODI and StdPicture (Element not found)
69630 Printing images utilizing entire paper area.
69629 How do I stop my software from getting cracked?
69628 Any suggestion for directory layout of project support both Full .NET Framework and Compact Framework?
69627 Can someone translate this to vb.net?
69626 using javascrip with datagrid

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