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C# Programming

36377 When will C# support inheriting from type parameters
36376 Connect to database .NET 3.0
36375 System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("EcpKpScript_01.exe");
36374 Postcode lookup (UK)
36373 Email question
36372 Accessing from VB6
36371 DataGridView - how to toggle multiline on a row?
36370 Starting a process and retrieving the results
36369 IComparable sort problem
36368 Check if instance of exe is running already
36367 DrawRectangle - why not RectangleF?
36366 Thread management in .NET (Business logic and UI)
36365 How pass type in as parameter?
36364 Mixing English and Hebrew string
36363 Hiding files and folders from the operating system
36362 Dlinq (Orcas March 2007) - SQL 2005 connection problems
36361 WizardStep and Adding Output Method
36360 Crud Design Question
36359 How to generate DataSet code
36358 stopping window service through C#
36357 Islam, the Religion of Ease
36356 threading in winforms and the timer control
36355 Send SMS from .net application
36354 A question
36352 Outlook - LateBinding
36351 How to invoke external application through ASP.Net web application
36350 IPropertyChanged implementation, best practice
36349 ThreadStart parameters
36348 How to get current drive mapping
36347 Controlling a TV/PVR card : looking for brands and models with known API's
36346 How do I pass a string to a new form
36345 Form not painted. Or is it?
36344 Get currently logged in user's ojectGUID
36343 How can I draw graphics?
36342 connecting to sqlite
36341 Polymorphy Problem
36340 How to derive from textbox to get an autoscroll property?
36339 WCF not returning data in DataTable, even though that's what I told it to do
36338 C# Noob - Why check for null when raising event?
36337 Looking for a job?
36336 Navigating between forms
36335 Regular Expressions Help
36334 Web browser automation in .NET
36333 Filter for binary MS-Word files (*.doc)
36332 saving forms as XML
36331 Simple web fetching class with: string Get(string URL), bool Busy and Stop() members
36330 Why IEnumerable<T> inherits from IEnumerable?
36329 difference between elapsed and tick events in system.Timers.Timer
36328 Getting Data for a stored procedure
36327 Event for catching when a file is modified outside of the source editor
36326 How to use an Active-X control...
36325 winforms control question
36324 Build a multi-coloured Data bound Grid.
36323 Using AxSpreadsheet
36322 How can I capture a keypress in a windows service?
36321 Need Help! Can not read environment variables from server on http request to a html page.
36320 Paradox 9.x
36319 Exception is rethrown when invoking a WCF service?
36318 Build ADO.NET ResultSets for Merge Replication.
36317 How to create a bitmap out of a control?
36316 VS2005ImageLibrary.zip
36315 How to read registry keys from a remote computer?
36314 how to create a c# based programming language
36313 Printing an HTML document
36312 Excel backend code question
36311 Restart Application with new Command-Line options?
36310 dataview rowfilter doent work
36309 c# equal to vb module
36308 PDF does not working in WebBrowser on machine that has IE7 install
36307 Saving Windows Media Video files
36306 collection classes
36305 Interfacing with COM
36304 What is .vcproj
36303 Sharing opportunities
36302 Calling methods or handling events in derived classes.
36301 how do you handle multiple update request on the database?
36300 Method being triggered n! (n factorial) times instead of n times
36299 NullReferenceException handler throws NullReferenceException!
36298 turn edit off on a grid programmatically
36297 Handlig mouse without forms
36296 DLLs
36295 What makes a good C# book?
36294 Seeking better way to load user controls in form
36293 vb.net to C# converter for inline code?
36292 "ExecuteReader request the command to have a transaction..." error occurring when the reader plainly has one.
36291 Encryption algorithm that returns only lowercase encrypted string
36290 poss to use strings to index?
36289 How to develop Query based crystal reports
36288 Are we expected to hand code XAML Layouts
36287 Are All the Static/Shared Methods in .NET Thread Safe?
36286 setting controls/values from one form to another
36285 how to make uninstall process alway show a reboot dialog at the end?
36284 Saving the db to file
36283 Timers and WebServices
36282 I cannot create an XML element with a namespace
36281 GPRS Signal Strength
36280 calling matlab function in c#
36279 C# Exchange create mailbox
36278 Help messages when hovering over controls
36277 listboxcontrol
36276 op_Equality (== Operator) for Value-Types
36275 DataGridView.SelectionChanged event fires twice
36274 Help create a Wizard using MVP
36273 Searching for c# Web .Net Examples Using AJAX.
36272 threading
36271 Click event not firing in firefox
36270 Someway to Speed Up Your Computer
36269 Getting IP address of connected socket
36268 Memory consumption when using COM interop?
36267 Adding Extra row at Checkbox click in datagridview
36265 Interoping CDecl callback on 1.1
36264 svcutil with WCF net.tcp endpoint
36263 How do you reference a Form that you pass to a separate class?
36262 System.IO.Ports.SerialPort
36261 Threading question (newbie)
36260 Mixed language DLL support outside the IDE?
36259 Programming practices
36258 Missing the obvious...
36257 Urgent!! DataGrid OnSortCommand not fire if UserControl is added in the ASPX
36256 Tree View
36255 DirectoryInfo delete and create
36254 ascii "Mxico" shows as "Mxico" in drop-down list
36253 How Windows Form Invisible
36252 LINQ in C#
36251 Sharing data between multiple dialog boxes in a winform applicatio
36250 LINQ and binding to dataGrid
36249 terminating all threads on program exit
36248 noob.. no functions in C#?
36247 Embed a Custom Cursor?
36246 How to open a url link in s sharp?
36245 about DataGridViewComboBoxCell
36244 read Meta data/headers
36243 static and non-static methods with the same name and signature
36242 How does Service.svc change in WCF when you start adding classes to the project?
36241 How to get icons of shortcuts(.lnk) without error?
36240 Button_click
36239 UUDecoder
36238 Simple problem: Why does this cause a massive memory leak?
36237 Application takes a long time to open a dialog after some time
36236 Load Image
36235 WinForm sizing problem in different computers
36234 Splitting Name and Value Parameters
36233 Looking For computer Job?
36232 Identifying sound cards
34903 Auto close an info messagebox
34902 PLS HELP: Active Directory search dialog
34901 Debugging interop using CS 2005/C#
34900 Beginner Question,
34899 Combo box
34898 Cookies just vanishing/dropping/resetting - help!
34897 SQL Populated Drop-Down Problem with Response.Redirect
34896 using Linq with .NET 2.0
34895 Beginning Crypto question
34894 Need help with multithreading and InvalidOperationException
34893 Need help with DataGrid Navigation / Cancelling Keystroke in PreviewKeyDown Event
34892 Implementation of interface method is the same in all of the interface's implementations
34891 Framework versions
34890 Transferring files to another machine on a local network
34889 Non Incremental build in CSharp + single threaded compiler
34888 XslCompiledTransform
34887 FileDialog error
34886 Using Sockets in C#
34885 BindingSource.Find by partial string?
34884 Vista, User Account Control and Sql 2005 Express
34883 setting a datagrid row text color
34882 Enable Volume Compression?
34881 How do I make Form transparent
34880 Code to sort datagridviewcomboboxcolumn according to display member property
34879 Logg in
34878 Develop application compatable to CE and XP
34877 Copy table with ODBC
34876 Custom Column Headers for ListView
34875 vbscript to c#`
34874 System.Diagnostics.DebuggerSte pThrough() for properties
34873 calling fortran from C#
34872 Is there a way how to sort a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn by its DisplayMember instead of the ValueMember
34871 Context Menu Click event - how to Identify the object that was right clicked
34870 getprocessimagefilenamew could not be located in the dynamic link library psapi.dll
34869 Mapping TestCase with QTP automation script
34868 How to compare two xml documents?
34867 Dynamic Generation of Graph....
34866 Virtual Event doesn't behave as expected.
34865 Threading guru required!
34864 Find in Generic.List
34863 make changes to LoginView control?
34862 VS2005 changes behaviour of my derived control when dragging it to the form...
34861 Simple Text Extent Question
34860 UTF-8 encoding in AJAX web application.
34859 How to include header file used by DLL
34858 Catch-22 in Web Application
34857 Threading!!!
34856 Accessing SSL secured web sites from C# application.
34855 Converting XSL-FO to PDF
34854 Threading 2!
34853 Interop DllImport in Class Library
34852 More threading newb questions
34851 directory listing..loop thru files
34850 reflection PropertyInfo. How to select properties of the derived class?

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