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C# Programming

30571 detecting object lock?
30570 c# mail question
30569 Creating Journal Record Hook gives error 1400 (or hangs)
30568 A Set Collection class
30567 Search a list/array of objects for specified criteria?
30566 Menu Control (newbie)
30565 Paste a texte into the current window
30564 Keep a TextBox from displaying its caret (cursor)?
30563 Microsoft C# Solution File Format
30562 Exception handling suggestions
30561 where does AssemblyInfo.cs company information come from?
30560 How to suspend and resume in playing a WAV file
30559 Reading in a file to a structure
30558 keep password's content
30557 Microsoft Training/ Certification Dumps /Materials Urls
30556 .mdf DataBase in c# program
30555 Truth Seeker
30554 export text show as html
30553 Protection Fault!
28844 Compiler Error - Seeking help
28843 Compiler Error - Seeking Help
28842 how to deal with a method that returns object array?
28841 Problems with XPathDocument
28840 DLL Import method
28839 Call Another Function
28838 Non .Net C++ xmlrpc to C#
28837 BackgroundWorker not really workigng for me
28836 .NET 2.0 memory usage: 32bit vs 64bit.
28835 How to know if SQLExeception is connection problem
28834 Call C/C++ CALLBACK DLL from C# (PInvoke? Wrapper class?)
28833 How to make GUI more beautiful?
28832 Simulating keystrokes
28831 DateTime.Now function question!
28830 remove struct's default constructor?
28829 removing escape character from a C# string
28828 Remoting Question
28827 C# equiv of Long Integer
28826 why is sealed and static not possible at the same time?
28825 System.IO.File.Exists - what if network path and not C:\
28824 how to send NULL to database?
28823 help debugging DataGridViewComboBoxColumn not setting value
28822 ref vs. out: same at runtime, same/different at compiler time?
28821 C# Grammar issues
28820 2 initializers in 1 constructor
28818 Display items in a code snippet
28817 For Datagrid
28816 Images in datagrid!
28815 How To Change or modify Embedded String Resource In An Assembly.
28814 How ca I syncronize scrollbar with two richedit scrolls?
28813 Resharper: how to roll #region
28812 Some ADO.NET Mobile Advice please.
28811 SQLexpress newbie question
28809 Convert a string?
28808 Refrencing another project class
28807 Crystal Reports: Display data according to session
28806 No ItemDataBound event in DataGridView - help!
28805 File Selection Dialog
28804 need some help!
28803 onClick Event Not Firing
28802 How to find a particular program is running or not?
28801 Programming the User-Account_Property using C#
28800 Web Service export enum to consumer
28799 Stop a Windows Control from getting to Small?
28798 CLS complaint = Operators should not be overloaded
28797 How do you bypass cells in a "DataGridView"
28796 Grid view control
28795 How do I dynamically resize portion of form with WinForms splitter control on it.
28794 Regex string extraction - help needed
28793 button_click
28792 Setting the height of the caption bar
28791 Question on Locking and Deadlocks
28790 DeskTopBounds adds a view pixels?
28789 How to convert a byte array to a string in C#
28788 SQL Populated Drop-Down Problem with Response.Redirect
28787 return value cannot be ref or out
28786 Object Design Best Practice
28785 generic inheriting from strongly-typed Dictionary
28784 MessageQueue Event for new messages
28783 Capture remote information into computer
28782 Benchmarking C#, what is the most efficient way of running console code?
28781 Islam: The Message of Peace
28780 Who are Darwin's Outcasts?
28779 OpenSubKey return null though the key exist
28778 SIP development in .NET???
28777 Images; MDI client bigger than its parent window?
28776 Word Template Programming in C#
28775 convert from vb.net to c#
28774 Assign a specific codesnippet to a toolbar button.
28773 Implementing IAccessibility for TreeNode in TreeView
28772 Is Islam Really a Religion of Terror?
28771 Datagridview cell details with tooltip
28770 Description on my own objects in intellisence
28769 How can i use the concept of friend in c#?
28768 launch appliction setting on ftp site
28767 Help With PInvoke and SetupDiEnumDriverInfo/SP_DRVIN FO_DATA
28766 Currency Conversion Source
28765 DataGridView
28764 CSharp with COM components in 64bit
28763 Adding Own Class to WindowsApplication
28762 desperate call: referencing specific version Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzR oles assembly
28761 A design question about format provider
28760 "request for the permission of type"
28759 Class lib design advice
28758 question
28757 c# and expression blend
28756 F5 is running an older version of my project
28755 Dictionary<> to List<>
28754 Retaining column widths in the datagridview (.net 2.0) :-(
28753 Need Asynchronous WCF solution which allows for multiple responses
28752 PInvoke C# web service char*
27158 story
27157 Stopping my Windows Service Programatically
27156 Global exception handler when creating a windows service?
27155 MdiChild forms question
27154 how to share settings between app <-> class lib?
27153 bringing up processes on "slave" computers through windows service in c#
27152 Delayed loading dependent assemblies when start an .Net application
27151 DataView or DataTable question
27150 Vista prompting for internet access blues
27149 C# Fatal Error
27147 User control doesn't listen events
27146 Object Creation in Linked List C#
27145 Inheritance question: How to instantiate derived class from base class
27144 Using XMLValidatingReader
27143 double.Parse produces overflow exception on double.MinValue
27142 Threading...I thought this was supposed to be faster than doing things sequentially...
27141 listview & contextMenuStrip
27140 How to manage / layout a custom control in TableLayoutPanel
27139 Problem installing WindowsService
27138 Publish doesn't copy required files
27137 Rename My "Solution"
27136 C# App and remotecontrol Word
27135 Changing Form1.text at runtime
27134 Very strange "input string not in correct format" bug
27133 Possible to create a C# DLL with dialogs and GUI -- callable by a C program?
27132 For a DataGrid, how to "Show Window Contents" while resizing a column?
27131 Create Hot-Key for submitting from C# Windows App
27130 ClickOnce and Expiring Keys
27129 Misplacement of controls on one machine but not others
27128 Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista released
27127 Nofity Icon and Windows shutdown/restart
27126 Confused a bit...
27125 writing word object to database
27124 WebBrowser component is not working on Vista
27123 Array of System.Timers.timer - Assigning an object to timer
27122 Has anyone a C# class that will Read/Write HIPPA X12?
27121 one line struct initialization
27120 profiles in pop3 email
27119 Delegates, not anonymous methods
27118 My Journey to Islam
27117 Remove border from popup button
27116 Seeking Advice for Starting a Windows Service
27115 5 questions on thread pools!
27114 Setting the default member of a class
27113 Open an new Web project problem
27112 Win Control Library - Combining Events
27111 Problem with System.IO.Ports.SerialPort.Ope n
27110 Moving data window not using title bar
27109 Problem sending emails async
27108 Visual Studio 2003 - C#
27107 Problem with saving data into access database!!
27106 Problems with reappearing controls
27105 Regular expressions
27104 validate
27103 Using String.Empty as a SyncLock object
27102 Calling a generic method with Type
27101 COM+,WebSvc on Win2k3
27100 index to foxpro files
27099 Exception when connecting to MsSQL server
27098 How to capture webpage as Image
27097 Advice and Guidance Wanted
27096 Reflection question
27095 HWND to and from C# and Managed C++
27094 Standard strings only RESX files vs WinForms RESX files: How do you tell the difference?
27093 Exception while reading multiframe TIFF containing different imageformats
27092 Code Timing Resolution
27091 Regular Expressions and XML document
27090 Saving a XML document to memory
27089 XMLSerialization of a list of objects derived from interface
27088 Problem with DLL created in Delphi
27087 #if DEBUG .. #endif
27086 Inexplicable slowdowns
27085 cryptography - public private keys
27084 NavigationMenu flickers while mousing over
27083 Help project?
27082 setup project in VS 2003
27081 Call Event
27080 Really Stuck - Access MDB and Primary Keys
27079 Getting local admin groups and users on a windows server using ADSI
27078 Tutorials on creating wizards
27077 Setting the screen resolution through code.
27076 About using XMLValidatingReader
27075 struct ToString() not automatically invoked
27074 c# and xml book for starter
27073 Adding menu items to a control's context menu
27072 Error in decimal divide in "?:" operator

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