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C# Programming

27071 NameSpace attribues
27070 Array index
27069 Set DEBUG flag at runtime?
27068 Adding binaries to source safe
27067 Question for those familiar with Java ....
27066 Validate xml instance against schema
27065 how does ado.net SqlDataReader.GetString() know which encoding to read the data into a string as? Does sql sever set this at the column data type level, server wide encoding setting, os encoding?
27064 Basic C# Training
27063 Problem with tab control event
27062 Bind CheckBox to a bool - not a dataset, just a bool
25651 ?????
25650 Developer's Meeting Place for Exchanging Ideas - www.developersplace.com
25649 How to find derived classes?
25648 RPC over TCP
25647 alternative to multiple inheritance in c++
25646 kd trees in c#?
25645 a quick regexp question
25644 Filestream
25643 Does really List<byte> keep data in one block like byte[]?
25642 Always the same random numbers
25641 Modifying List items (generics)
25640 ASP.NET Current directory
25639 C# Class to convert WikiMedia Markup to HTML?
25638 Trace.Listeners.Add
25637 how to compile CF 2.0 program in normal .net Framework
25636 how can I get a varibale from 2 forms in a project
25635 Why we created
25634 Calling Matlab functions using C#
25633 Print Margins
25632 What does it mean?
25631 Getting all object properties with an associated type converter
25630 Context menu popup on treeview node returning wrong selected node
25629 Is support all d dotnet controls in Xml Xsl?
25628 Socket based Real-Time connection
25627 Ilasm programing
25626 Javascript function form.submit() not working when hooking into IE6 with mshtml.HTMLDocumentEvents2
25625 Connecting to Oracle using Data Access Application Block
25624 KeepAlive question...
25623 Parsing Numbering Format in MS Word Document
25622 Thread synchronization
25621 Virtual capture device
25620 Disable keys, like Home and End, in the KeyDown event of the Form
25619 Generics cannot cast a T : class to Object
25618 Howto print ListView Items and SubItems
25617 Get the bound field of a control
25616 XMLSerializer problem, class inside class
25615 Remoting trouble
25614 HttpWebRequest timeouts
25613 Regex Help Required
25612 Help with Crystal Reports.
25611 How to 'textualize' a buffer
25610 DBNull after read, need to cast
25609 Column order on a DataGridView (Newbie)
25608 Create Enviroment variables
25607 Garbage collection supression
25606 execute JavaScript using C#
25605 preload a resource into memory?
25604 NotifyIcon Size and Color requirements
25603 Get a list of sql servers, is .ServerName deprecated?
25602 Xml Serialization - Defaulting to XmlIgnore?
25601 Enterprise Library Data Block and Access database
25600 VS 2005 Design view batch screenshot macro?
25599 C# in compact framework: Unable to see contents of exceptions
25598 What are delegates: Newbie
25597 getting string from XMLWriter
25596 Configuration of Windows service
25595 problem with inserting rows/range in excel
25594 System.Xml and Memory Management
25593 Running a long query from .NET windows service
25592 Listview - Empty group displays no group heading
25591 syntax wonderings, iterator and IEnumerable
25590 C# Full Text Search Box Criteria Parsing
25589 Including HTML in reports at runtime
25588 Need help capturing {} in a dataTable's DataRow.
25587 Serialization & encoding
25586 EntLib 2.0 data access, oracle and per-user credentials
25585 C# source XML method information
25584 How to convert KeyCode to a string?
25583 Design a user interface like eMule
25582 microsoft web browser component in c#.net
25581 How to change the XML Comments in C#??
25580 Excellent opportunity for job seekers in .NET.
25579 String concatenation problem?
25578 Eliminate highlighted button outline
25577 StandardOutput.ReadLine() doesn't work until the app exits???
25576 VC#2005 Express and SQL Server Compact Edition
25575 Can't put a comma in a regex pattern?
25574 How to read pixels under a form
25573 C++ HWND to and from C# and Managed C++?
25572 StringBuilder
25571 web browser component in c#.net
25570 webbrowser com in c#.net
25569 GetConstructor on Generic Classes.
25568 What's the wrong with the code
25567 How to catch System.IO.FileLoadException when starting application
25566 Reach managed c++ Enum from C#
24989 Remote Login
24988 possible to skip code from sub functions?
24987 Twelve Proofs that Muhammad is a True Prophet
24986 CrystalReport ReportDocument.Load Exception
24985 Generics without direct instantiation
24984 Copy/Paste in menu
24983 Alternative to global variables in c++: Newbie
24982 C# grotty graphics
24981 Implementing IDisposible on light objects
24980 The feared TypeInitializationException problem
24979 Import large text file to a MS Access database
24978 Web Site Administration Tool on production server
24977 web service returns dataTable
24976 troubles Setting IP address for each NIC
24975 Will Orcas target Win XP?
24974 Properties.Settings.Default (application.exe.config) am I losing my mind?
24973 Using command line from C# code
24972 Remove double quotes
24971 Refresh Controls in my web page
24970 Update database gives an error
24969 Cannot fifure out how to fix this exception.
24968 VS 2005 Add-In for VB6 SDI-like Environment?
24967 Command to close my page
24965 ListBox size not growing to fill increased size of FlowLayoutPanel
24964 Inherited Form_load event is being called for Inherit as well
24963 Explicit interface class implementation binding to DataGridViewComboBoxColumn.Val ueMember
23986 RTF log file
23985 String lists resource editor for localization. Advice please
23984 Dtatgrid reorders columns on Databind
23983 disable mouseclick-transparency in vista
23982 Setting enum values in a web service
23981 Safely Raising Events in Multithreaded app.
23980 DocumentProperties not applying settings
23979 modify designer generated c'tor that calls InitializeComponent?
23978 Generics/Constructor
23977 How to specify a default proxy in ASP.NET application
23976 Case Insensitive string comparison
23975 Ink.ClipboardCopy works under Tablet PC Development Kit - but fails on tablet PC
23974 How to send an email to a MAPIPDL?
23973 Passing arrays to C# from VB6
23972 Blocking Windows Port using C#
23971 Discrepancy between Math.Round and ToString( "F" ) method
23970 assigning, declaring and accessing dynamic variable
23969 EventLog class / Windows event logs
23968 maintain state of application for each user
23967 How do I control file version numbers
23966 Does RichTextBox need "\r\n"? Is "\n" good enough?
23965 aspx-file created on the fly?
23964 View IL while debugging
23963 How do I allow an end user make modifications to a rdl that I created using Report Designer
23962 convert (single) char to string
23961 Opinion wanted
23960 Identify XML based on schema set
23959 how do I make a sql database win auth or SQL authentication?
23958 Sealed
23957 MDB file and Primary Keys
23956 Invoking Win32 SendMessge
23955 Cross-thread operation not valid: Control '' accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on
23954 Copy OLE object from Clipboard
23208 How is memory managed for Database connections and DataReaders
23207 Interop
23206 StatusStrip ProgressBar
23205 C# and SSIS - I need a good book on the subject
23204 Help with simple XPath query?
23203 How do I add an Icon to my project?
23202 Issue with Web.Config Entries
23201 BindingNavigator and Access
23200 What is the best way to modify report ( .rdl ) within c# winform app
23199 Question about visibility/ modifications of objects
23198 Can VS2005 Designer handle Generic Inherited Components?
23197 Strange String Sorting
23196 C# - Excel - Multisheet- html (Plez Help)
23195 Listening to windows messages from a windows service
23194 Going nuts with DataBinding a ListBox (winforms)
23193 Word application quit
23192 change display name attribute from inheritor?
23191 Insert string into database
23190 C# Form focus and Alt-Tab
23189 Reading embedded documents in excel to db
23188 custom Task List tokens: DEBUG not plausible!
23187 StreamReader / StreamWriter vs System.IO.File.*?
23186 Need to test my TcpListener. What apps are sending data to tcp ports...
23185 RadioButton&Datagrid
23184 Add quote
23183 Programming Office with CSharp
23182 validating xml file in .net2.0
23181 Requires stdole Version 7.0.33 be installed in GAC ClickOnce deployment
23180 Can't connect to SQL 2005
23179 Form Field - work out if greater than percentage
23178 Is is possible to call a C# user interface asociated to a lib file so as to be called by a C console application?
23177 UserName of the use who last modified a file in Windows
23176 Official Burt Young Website Launch!
23175 Regular Expressions question
23174 Restricting Generic type parameter T to int, uint, short
23173 MetaData in .txt and .doc
23172 How to avoid NameSpace repetetion, in inheritance in different files.
23171 image
23170 Newbie question please help
23169 How to call functions in another namespace from a dll
23168 C# ActiveX Control won't load on some machines, does on others
23167 C# Excel question
23165 Find the encoding of an XML char array (or stream) stored in memory

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