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C# Programming

8066 MI5 Persecution: Surveillance methods 5/8/95 (6112)
8065 String or binary data would be truncated. But not field length problem.
8064 Typed dataset with oracle db ?
8063 How to retrieve DLL function detail
8062 CAN i use the C# Expression version to connect the SQL 2005
8061 Access public methods in multple copies of the same form
8060 C# application interacting with Dictionary.
8059 What's the most efficent way to create a dataset table from 2 join
8058 What's the most efficent way to create a dataset table from a join
8057 Is there any function to solve the string to values?
8056 C# SMTP Mail question
8055 how do you embed a windows media player control in a user control and have it work in a web page?
8054 C# can't create Window Forms?
8053 Xml root element attributes
8052 creating xml document using schema
8051 Number of members in an Enum
8050 Local variables, method arguments dump.
8048 Convert MyTextField.Text to "all caps"
8047 can application have Multiple Main() ??
8046 SSH library
8045 Can someone confirm this :o)
8044 Understanding code-behind and functions.
8043 Error handling in .net Class Library / Visual Basic
8042 File association
8041 Non-proportional (non Rectangular) resizing
8040 Changing a variable before the application exits
8039 Delete ManagementObject but exception occur
8038 Custom tree node - how to
8037 creating a custom cursor
8036 HOW START to create a P2P streaming video..
8035 Tertiary Operator Confusion ( a = b ? c : d)
8034 Data Save
8033 FileWatcher
8032 Can I use typed dataset with Oracle db?
8031 Want to call a custom handler that redirect and receive the http return code (302, 303 or 307)
8030 display image in crystal.net
8029 Adding color to individual rows in a "PropertyGrid"
8028 Use of unassigned local variable?
8027 How do I know when my work threads have completed their tasks?
8026 usercontrol and Application.AddMessageFilter(t his)
8025 Detecting a fullscreen application
8024 C# inheritance broken?
8023 Converting byte[] to string - removing NULLs??
8022 How can I get column numbers from a Winforms dataGrid
8021 How can I change the ClickOnce update location from the client?
8020 Copy and Pasting RTF to non RTF supported program
8019 Properties
8018 where can I get some cool code type questions for c#, asp.net and SQL
8017 IsDecimal or IsNumber
8016 Persistence framework, support for composite key
8015 OT: Adding a Class to Visual Studio
8014 Error executing VSSDatabase.Open(..)
8013 SqlDataAdapter.Fill and DataRow.RowSate
8012 Intellisense does not move with the main form
8011 Assembly code in-line with C#
8010 I am puzzled by static class use
8009 Clearing a WebBrowser control
8008 UK Regulatory Capture
8007 C#/Excel automation add-in not working on MediaCenter?
8006 Need help in accessing photoshop with c#.net
8005 Finding property values
8004 C# and Ogg Vorbis encoder
8003 Passing enums to a method
8002 Terminology request!
8001 Problemas con ClickOnce
8000 predefined preprocessor constants
7999 Constructing and sending a SYN header
7998 CodeDOM, inserting full source code.
7997 Changing attributes at runtime
7996 modular programming
7995 loquendo TTS
7994 VISUAL C# and SQL
7993 C# Sending Mail and Moving betwen pages to go to a checkout page
7992 How do I get a HINSTANCE into my C++ class library from my C# code?
7991 String Relace
7990 Regular Expression Question
7989 Web root directory
7988 embedding a cursor in an application
7987 sort a generic linked list?
7754 An architecture or patterns for gadget-based applications
7622 webservices from winforms
7621 Class private to a namespace
7620 efficient two's complement of a byte array
7619 Serial Communications
7618 issue when linking a TypeConverter to property
7617 Semi-newbie question on C++ vs. C#
7616 Unable to cast to extended class
7615 Array.Find Generic Method (System) [newbie]
7614 Adding a contextMenu to a menuitem
7613 Return value from C++ dll called from C# app
7612 issue in property window
7611 TestContainer issue
7610 Increment Large Double
6375 Change the BorderStyle of control
6374 Setting an attached property by a Setter element?
6373 Fiona Jones
6372 Passing Value back from FormWindow
6371 My ListView displays System.Object[]
6370 String to byte[] reloaded
6369 Thread Sleep Problem - Micro Seconds
6368 border width from Borderstyle property
6367 Timer, State machine and Object oriented
6366 Programatically Select a TreeView Node
5931 IsHex() ??
5930 Placing a semi-transparent image over a playing Video
5929 USB power switch
5928 remove chars from field in dataset
5927 Trim() question
5926 List of soundcards
5925 When converting code from .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 (problem with rebar)
5924 Mapping Notify Messages to a function
5923 ToolBox tab
5922 Deploying application (.NET 2.0) to intranet
5921 I just don't understand how enums work.....Help needed
5920 Library question
5919 Little clarification
5918 scrolling form contents
5917 Main() forced to handle exceptions
5916 The type initializer threw an exception
5915 File sync up question
5914 Automatically move file with assembly.
5913 DirectShow C#
5912 How do I tell my project about a new method in a C++-developed ActiveX control?
5911 Socket error
5910 OT: Crossword Puzzle Creator - .NET Source
5909 How can I wrap a collection ? (re-repost)
5908 Correct way to write etc/hosts
5907 subclassing WndProc
5906 Checking for MS Office Install
5905 Size of an object
5904 Webapp Authentication best practice...
5903 Collapsable / Docking Panels
5902 Setting the BackColor of indvidual cells in a DataGridView
5901 How to show clock in winform?
5900 Debugging woes
5899 Smart DataReader!!
5898 Publishing
5897 Thread won't start
5896 How to dock datagrid in a form?
5895 Using DataSet Designer for procedures returning multiple resultsets
5894 How to make sure a method waits to finish before firing again
5893 How do you pass a null argument to a generic method?
5892 Masked Text Box - Net 2.0
5128 COM library inconsistency
5127 migrating foxpro to sql-server using c#
5126 Check File Integrity
5125 ListView Header Color
5124 XML Comments XML to HTML document
5123 Listview and Empty Groups
5122 DataGridView and Encoding
5121 Catch media player event
5120 The type initializer MS.AB.Cache threw an exception.
5119 updating a lables text
5118 how to use Microsoft Access function in C#
5117 .Net 2.0 runtime error, Event id: 5000
5116 Memory Issue
5115 resolve launch application to file extension from registry using C#?
5114 access control by string
5113 Difference between CAB and SCSF?
5112 how to optimize memory on my photo slide program
5111 Combobox
5110 Loading assembly from AppDomain not working anymore
5109 Help me please! RSA Encrypt with .Net C#
5108 WCF Basic Sample fails with err "This collection already contains an address with scheme http."
5107 accessing dictionary elements less than or equal to key
5106 Inherit app
5105 hide existing property
5104 ImageList Component: Adjust Image Size Per Image
5103 multi-threaded app/ using lock
5102 Update a textbox ???
5101 Survey about Architecture and Design Patterns
5100 ListView and column
5099 oo mess: how to make life complicated for yourself with inheritence and collections.please help
5098 Form Theme
5097 SqlDataReader::GetValue problems
5096 Discarding "Thread has excited... " output
5095 printing datdgridview
5094 Will WPF succeed CAB/SCSF?
5093 PropertyGrid problem
5092 about Show Method in Control Class under System.Windows.Forms (C#)
5091 Non-ascii characters in VS.NET service
5090 system.diagnostics.process OutputDataReceived not quite firing
5089 Secure Password
5088 Web file transfer
4683 How does the VS2005 designer environment work?
4682 C# intialization of member variable trouble
4681 standard height for header
4680 How can i crete a G-L-O-B-A-L hook in c#?
4679 Serialport communication over USB
4678 Sorted List by value
4677 Sending a byte over the serial port
4676 collection property editor
4675 Installer
4674 String Manipulation - C#
4673 Capture WebPage as any Image format
4672 Tooltip on Combobox disappears - Windows Forms bug?
4671 Microsoft.JScript
4670 How to change font in tooltip
4669 resizing , resolutions and positioning!!!

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