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C# Programming

4668 Problem with assigning the result of [string].IndexOf into a const int?
4667 VB6 migration (C# or VB.NET?)
4666 Do parameterized commands work with MySQL ado.net provider?
4665 Debug .NET Interop-dll From VB6?
4664 Overriding methods but force base class's method to be called.
4663 Can VS2005 publish build a single exe?
4662 Hiding method from everyone but two assemblies.
4661 Class passing, to ref or not to ref...
4660 SplitContainer Icon
4659 PictureBox
4658 Custom TreeView Scroll Problem
4657 Programmatically detect if UAC turned on?
4656 COM Object Name
4655 Align Anchor Panel BackgroundImage
4654 System.Configuration.Configura tion
4653 need help going from Graphics to Image
4652 Office 2007 "Feel"
4651 CheckedListBox Sort
4650 Read XML file
4649 how do I start my service on install?
4648 Enumerate File Handles for a Given Process
4647 How to restore a sheet of spreadsheet ?
4646 combobox autocomplete with button click event
4645 how to print a spreadsheet of owc11?
4644 Difference between ADO and ADO.Net.
4643 adding controls at runtime
4642 Definition error
4641 Datarepeater adding a save button to save data
4640 VB6 automation error trying to use a COM-exposed C# DLL
4639 Type or namespace could not be found
4638 weird?? inaccessible due to its protection level error
4637 BHO toolbar: How to get size and location of display rectangle in Internet Explorer?
4636 Custom Validation Message in a Property Grid
4635 i wanna record a sound in .net app
4634 Reflection: How to get the type of an array?
4633 Run Thread when form open.Plz urgent.
4632 Icons
4631 crash in release build
4629 Trying to get values of each column in a datagrid view
4628 Xpath containing '
4627 List.Exists method
4626 Suspending a thread from another thread
4625 Command Objects
4624 Invoking a Static Method in a Static Class
4623 C# project reference
4622 Oracle 8i Backup on a Click of a Button reg.
4621 Custom Collection editor
4620 DateTime.Parse problem with Time Format using period
4619 dropdown list control populating with db query as well as default one
4618 Do we have managed newsgroupss for WWF and WCF questions?
4617 Regular Expressions problem
4616 c# functions
4615 Inheritence
4614 dock windows
4613 Clear Keyboard Buffer
4612 Controls graphics
4611 exception bubbling
4610 application quit
4609 Interface and enums
4608 Inheritance Part 2
4607 Build DateTime manually
4606 DSOFramer Successor
4605 FxCop Do not pass literals as localized parameters warning
4604 how to resolve System.Configuration.Configura tionErrorsException?
4603 Is there a good way to turn regex patterns into properly-escaped c# regex patterns?
4602 Fill listview with references
4601 Updating user or application config settings of a dll after building (VS Framework 2)
4600 Setup Q
4599 throwing custom message?
4598 System.Web.Configuration.Authe nticationMode
4597 Complex sorting problem with List<>
4596 DataGridView row spanning?
4595 string to byte[] back to string + Compression Failed!
4594 Property name
4593 Legal Issues?
4592 Network Discovery
4591 Images missing from xp-themed ListView in managed outlook add-in
4590 Adding dll to my project
4589 XAML - WindowsFormsHost : Grid has invalid child
4588 XmlDocument Vs StringBuilder
4587 converting datetime
4586 Profiling/ Coverage Tool
4585 Property Grid - TypeConverter
4584 FTP via TcpClient and Proxy
4129 Date Fields don't go into SQLExpress dB but No Error. Pulling Hair out. Help!
4128 web service timeout!
4127 SQL Parameter
4126 Advice on Images and CF2 Please???
4125 Generics and consatraints.
4124 PropertyGrid dynamic Dropdown List
4123 Need to calculate milleseconds until 1:00am...
4122 Remote Debugging
4121 DataGridView - Row Selected
4120 Save bmp/jpg/png...to icon (16x16) - Problem..
4119 Tool box icons mostly missing....
4118 newbe question
4117 Casting an enum, skips one for no reason?
4116 Debug Monitor Selection
4115 Trying to get a scripting environment for a WebBrowserClass object
4114 TypeConverter::ConvertFrom ignores implicit cast
4113 How to reverse boolean value
4112 unbelievable..?
4111 detect endianness
4110 ResourceManager efficiency
4109 Split Windows
4108 Need help understanding how to call unmanaged dll
4107 C# Stack item reversal
4106 Excel get_Range
4105 ShellExecuteEx
4104 Poker odds calculator
4103 Need help with regular expression
4102 attn: maurits - really charming downloads - ef ol - (1/1)
4101 help explain this winform behaviour
4100 what is the difference wetween Int32.parse and Convert.ToInt32
4099 How to display the formulas in spreedsheet?
4098 Csharp simple script interpreter
4097 .Net Framework
4096 Haven't been able to convert to the new strip menus
4095 Application run timing in C#
4094 .NET C# with Windows Vista Home Basic or Business?
4093 asynchronous socket problem when connecting to localhost
4092 UponExit() ??
4091 Way for user to see progress on long running asp.net process
4090 strange Thread-pool behavior behind WebService
4089 Sql Connection
4088 Kernel lock
4087 I am unable to understand why this use of Substring does not work
4086 Structure to Byte Array - Which is better? Marshal Copy or Fixed Byte Assignment
4085 How to add web user control to cell
4084 Keeping controls centered
4083 Object Styles -- System.Windows.Forms vs System.Web.UI.WebControls
4082 Unable to get line-breaks for a JavaScript 'alert' message using ClientScript.RegisterStartUpSc ript
4081 naming conventions checker
4080 How do you create a library of commonly used structs, enumerations constants and functions using C#
4079 What is wrong?
4078 Managing xls
4077 OnPaste event from the clipboard
4076 Problem with datagrid
4075 how to get the process owner after querying WMI ?
4074 SkinCrafter Light Control download from Microsoft doesn't seem to work. Anyone?
4073 Using WMI from clustering
4072 key translations
4071 find method in app
4070 List View Question
4069 Play a Windows Sound
4068 Problem Inheriting UserControl
4067 Comparing different floats fails
4066 application name
4065 How do NetworkCredential and WebClient work?
4064 IE 7
4063 Generic methods and inheritanc on non generic class
4062 About C# Generic
4061 how to save a web page using C# windows application
4060 Help regarding runtime host.
4059 Datagrid and relation between two table.
4058 Can i add com dll in GAC.
4057 Can the status of a printer be checked programtically in c#
4056 Automatically Add Comment Header to Source Files
4054 Ajax controls not working in my C# deeloped web app
4053 Is there any method konw how a mail send successful when use SmtpClient?
4052 Problema copia file
4051 WCF book?
4050 Q: FtpWebRequest
4049 Problem moving a file
4048 very very simple question
4047 How to get the application path :S
4046 Popup window
4045 Processor ID
4044 Graphics.DrawPolygon with Custom Dash throws Exception
4043 Create Instance Of Class Using text name
4042 a strange exception
4041 Vista - UAC and Click Once
4040 files & folders cache implementation
4039 Should I use the PictureBox Image or BackgroundImage
4038 hmmmmmm
4037 Regexp matching blocks of text
4036 can the joystick send events to a C# app???
4035 need code to peg CPU for 10 seconds
4034 try/catch on dequeue is way slower than my own lock
4033 Find out what module is taking so long to compile
4032 Find Sql Servers in a local net
4031 ContextMenu causing strange Exception
4030 Controls which resize themselves !
3083 System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient body always ends with "?"
3082 Efficiency of foreach vs for loop
3081 Does typeof or is work when dealing with an interface?
3080 Inserting class collection data into Access database
3079 HELP! Select works but cannot write to the DB - SQL Express via C#
3078 DataGridView and ComboBoxColumn
3077 Application Version
3076 After user enters a row of data into a DataGrid (.net 1.1), how to auto-update the actual database?
3075 Need to create a .NET object that will be serialized into a specific XML format
3074 Creating a process owned by system not user
3073 events that fire events that fire events....a bad thing?
3072 ConfigurationErrorsExecption was unhandled.
3071 Pass DateTime parameter to LocalReport?
3070 web service timeout issue. please help.
3069 Coloring item X in a combobox dropdown?

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