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C# Programming

69625 Version increment issue
69624 What DLL contains components for Report Items Toolbox - RDLC?
69623 sort using powershell assembly?
69622 Add control to Cells object
69621 Providing a programming interface to a plugin
69620 Want form to show changing data. But it could be closed, or closing, during update.
69619 Explicit Interfaces and overriding methods
69618 Inquiring about good Datagrid
69617 List Computers on my domain
69616 Timer and Thread.Sleep()
69615 Version auto-increment issue
69614 Task Scheduler 1.0: Interfaces are provided for C++ development. What about C#?
69613 help with C# and Lotus Notes
69612 Identifying an image type.
69611 Active Directory FindOne Problems
69610 Make $404 a day from home!
69609 javascript in an .ascx file
69608 CAPICOM throwing FileLoadException
69607 List<t> findall question - predicates?
69606 ^ Blondes Take it on the face!
69605 Is there a source code beautifier/re-arranger in VS 2005 ?
69604 What is the easiest way to open a textfile for append or create it for text append?
69603 How to call Form2.cs from Form1.cs in modal and in non-modal style ?
69602 Where is the information stored about the exact position of e.g. a button on a form ?
69601 How to obfuscate the CSharp code ?
69600 data bind combobox issue
69599 Split a DataTable into two DataTables
69598 SqlDataSource and DataSet question
69597 ConfigurationManager.AppSettin gs
69596 Had a question about the menustrip
69595 Problems with InstallUtil on FW1.1
69594 Brightness sum and transparency
69593 Have getfile show hidden/system files
69592 Accessing an XML file through strong typed dataset
69591 TSAPI CTI Library
69590 Problem with webclient uploadvalues on SOME computers
69589 MSBee
69588 error starting application from explorer, but OK from VS
69587 VS AddIn read callstack
69586 Please help me on LoaderLock ...
69585 C# , ASP.NET Interview questions wiuth projects ebook
69584 C# , ASP.NET Interview questions with projects ebook
69583 When is "volatile" used instead of "lock" ?
69582 DirectoryServices and ObjectClass property
69581 Event not firing
69580 Conceptual: static method or new class?
69579 Installer Project in Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition???
69578 MDI Child Form Dispose?
69577 The transaction is either not associated with the current connection or has been completed
69576 Run WinForms app as Console app
69575 VS2005: see return value?
69574 Vista difficulties
69573 Alternative to MessageQueues
69572 C# and regex continued
69571 from expression to string literal - how ?
69570 How can a parent form tell if it has a child form?
69569 Newbie: How to extend a class?
69568 Generics Issue with Simple Factory
69567 How to call an event on another form - C# windows forms
69566 PT_Home Error message
69565 excel cell to string
69564 cant read a string value from an excel cell?
69563 WCF: Why is the client's IDisposeable implementation private?
69562 Getting the selected text of WebBrowser control dropdown box.
69561 Which event is raised after a datagridview sorts itself?
69560 "inherit" from a static class
69559 How to organize projects in solution.
69558 read Exchange 2003 message stores with C#?
69557 double precision game / CAD engine with .NET binding?
69556 add timespan to datetime
69555 Multilingual Application
69554 access form control propertys via control name as string
69553 Add executable to firewall
69552 How to know a COM port is a modem
69551 how to serialize a generic field object
69550 Installers with Database project
69549 Help with serialization
69548 My Pretty Listing is going haywire...
69547 Saving a Dataset
69546 Addin with own main menu entry
69545 Project winding down - need to document the thing.
69544 Drag and drop between two TreeView controls
69543 Passing XML data and providing progress to client.
69542 C# Newbie: Getting file size of text file?
69541 converting letters to it's unicode representation
69540 Configuring AspNetSqlProvider to use a different database
69539 Regex multiline option does't work - why?
69538 STA/MTA
69537 Combo that displays tree.?
69536 "DataSet.Merge()" simple problem
69535 Can lock into a dispose?
69534 Adventures in Excel
69533 newbie needs help accessing ResultPropertyValueCollection
69532 Add relationships between tables c# VS2005 Server Explorer
69531 Clear Recent Project items from Start Page
69530 Calling generic method with a T parameter determined at runtime
69529 Something wrong with the code
69528 Form Datagrid Parent/Child details databinding to SQL dataset
69527 Capturing image of a hidden control (webbrowser)...
69526 Sniffer
69525 Removing items from a Hashtable in a loop?
69524 Serialize Hashtable to readable format?
69522 Setting DataGridView's DataSource at runtime?
69521 deplying a app with a Access reference
69520 simple app needs optimization?
69519 How to bind to the text element of a checkboxlist web control?
69518 "Global" thread-safty in sharepoint / WS 3.0
69517 DataGridView Selected Row
69516 Application.AddmessageFilter
69515 SMTP message to file
69514 Casting of bytes allocated by stackalloc to struct ptr -- It is possible but immediately
69513 How To Get Attributes From The "Current" Property???
69512 PropertyGrid
69511 More PInvoke Shenanigans
69510 ^*^*^*^ Busty Booby Pics ^*^*
69509 FileIO Exception and permissions
69508 SmtpClient.Send() only sends after I quit my appl ?
69507 Array.Clone versus Array.CopyTo
69506 C# and regex issue
69505 Global .asax - AppConstant error
69504 Bug with Visual C# designer?
69503 How to manually bind DataSet to a GridView with a CheckBoxField?
69502 DotLucene
69501 whats wrong with the search function?
69500 C# Express Edition and mobile projects
69498 C#.Net 2.0 SqlDataSource ConnectionString question
69497 creating a form in a new thread
69496 Dispose, finalize and singleton classes.
69495 .NET 3.0 ....
69494 dataGridView remove rows in Scroll event cause execption
69493 using rundll32.exe to access control panel applet?
69492 MOnitoring a network tcp port
69491 msmq
69490 WCF: Unable to open IChannelListener
69489 inherit from class
69488 code almost working except... ? help ??
69487 .Net Search Engine - Has anyone used dtSearch .Net Engine?
69486 to to fix this can not convert string error??
69485 How to Modify the Unit Framework and add extra functionality to it.
69484 ClickOnce
69483 replacing a string that contains a " character
69482 DataColumn.Expression
69481 Database Business Layer and Database Sync Design
69480 System.Drawing.Color, iterate through properties
69479 Dispose and Finalize hell!
69478 .Net MD5 Class
69477 .NET Version
69476 Error in Generic method: 'T' does not contain a definition for...
69475 C# Printing: Is it possible to update on already printed page ?
69474 Opinion wanted on "Regex"
69473 Read (and Visualize) DB Schema from SQL Server
69472 Delegates and Events - Trouble
69471 Using a Transaction with a SqlDataSource
69470 Custom Control Issue: endless WM_PAINT
69469 Event Handling With Dynamic ToolStripMenu
69468 How To Create DEveloper Version
69467 DatagridView Shows Removed Table
69466 XML-RPC from ASP.NET (C#)
69465 How to update a text file
69464 Why does VisStudio create this ADDITIONAL, SECOND "Projects & Templates" directory ?
69463 Control Library
69462 What happens if exception is thown within a fixed block?
69461 How to rename "button1" in Form source code to "but_change_set" ?
69460 strange JS error
69459 From 64-bit .Net to 32-bit com+
69458 Sending XML-RPC from ASP.NET
69457 Conversion Problem
69456 How to use MS digtial Ink ?
69455 How to multi select items in a combo box(help Me)
69454 ASP.Net - Repeater Control - 3 Columns - Unlimited Rows
69453 Passing an Active X object reference into C# and using it.
69452 Pukes on 12th invoke
69451 PInvoke an old DLL file
69450 ^% Britney Spears Tits Explode!!!
69449 DataTable.Select vs DataTable.rows.Find vs foreach
69448 A Generic Generics Problem
69447 Public Key & Certificate Validation
69446 InvokeMember throws a NotSupportedException
69445 Access a Control by its name as a string
69444 Call to JavaScript function from c# is failing...why?
69443 XMLSerializer, socket
69442 how to check the existence of an item in a list
69441 DLL error when running my little app. ?
69440 tool to build a wrapper for a C DLL
69439 OperationContext.Current or HttpContext.Current in MembershipProvider within WCF Service = null?
69438 ^*^*^ Britneys BACK AND TITS!!! GALORE! *^*^*^*^*^
69437 font not found
69436 HttpWebRequests and Redirect
69435 What's Wrong With This Code (A bug perhaps!)
69434 add new user to file agent please
69433 24-hour clock in datagridview date column
69432 dropdownlist items
69430 using a timer, do i need to threadsafe lock methods called ?
69429 Returning <List>
69428 How to include old fashioned DLL in a C# project/solution?
69427 Database not refreshing?
69426 How to get the full signature of a delegate?

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