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C# Programming

69425 Multi-Select TreeView now on SourceForge
69424 Find Path To Client Application
69423 Events at Midnight
69422 Raw Input Global Hooks
69421 ANN: MSDN Google search
69420 Report Geneartion
69419 Converting Ruby "each" iterator to C#
69417 Delegates and the Invoke method
69416 Conceptual - Communication between Objects
69415 SQL Server/C# Number of Rows...
69414 Regular Expression Hangs
69413 Image objects
69412 SharpZipLib
69411 Fields and Properties
69410 creating a custom listview item
69409 " //Clean Up managed resources " f&*ck
69408 Catching System Event through .NET.
69407 Including Delegates in Interfaces
69406 Is there a way around the string length limitation for the BalloonTipText under a NotifyIcon component?
69405 Is Ctrl key pressed?
69404 Event Handlers
69403 Help with Generic Method
69402 Regex help
69401 SOAP question
69400 How to call a javascript method from XAML
69399 Moving Events for Organization
69398 Extending C# programs with snapins
69397 Passing a delegate to a function
69396 .Net 2.0 C# GridView CheckBox question
69395 * Sizzling Boobies all new pics and Vidz
69394 image on toolbar button sometime disappear -- how to write consistent user control
69393 class inherited, what about its resources(particually imageList)
69392 How to obtain template for .Net 3.0 with vs2005 ?
65926 attachment in email as parameter to method call
65925 Hacking Articles
65924 have a combo box remember
65923 Fax operation using asp.net application.
65922 Configuration files
65921 PropertyType and type...
65920 System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail problem
65919 Raise an alert when a Application Starts
65918 extra \ charecter in file path
65917 Deployment of the Windows Application in C#.Net
65916 4KB only
65915 GetFormattedValue NullReferenceException
65914 Which process is using a file?
65913 assign operator in c#
65912 Detecting insertion into/removal from cradle.
65911 Trapping process starting/ending?
65910 Print Document && Wrapping
65909 Implicit unsafe casting in foreach? What gives?
65908 BUG? VS2007 DataGrid.IsSelected( ) method doesn't work (MSDN Universal Subscriber)
65907 List<> of struct with property. Cannot change value of property. why?
65906 How to create a word document and print parts of it?
65905 Selectcommand with variable
65903 How to take an IE rendered screenshot of a website with visual studio .net 2002 or visual stuido .net 2003? I can't install visual studio .net 2005 on this computer.
65902 Pressuring GC to give up clean up memory.
65901 Code formatting
65900 Using RijndaelManaged
65899 The "Default" Visual Studio icon
65898 ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings[" ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings"]
65897 Clearing the "Recent Projects" list
65896 Show a from immediately
65895 Interesting behavior.
65894 Attach An outlook message to an outlook message
65893 Does any one know which event is raised for a Datagridview after s
65892 Storing Credentials in Application
65891 C#/specification bug?
65890 Using Ajax...
65889 capature data changed in datagrid when the datasource is an ArrayList
65888 How to place the Custom Text box with Masked fields in Grid....
65886 Why can't I scroll back to the maximum value?
65885 Error installing Service using installutil on .NET 2.0
65884 How can I get the file name currently playing in Windows Media Player?
65883 SOA type application
65882 Outlook 11 object model
65881 ListDirectory
65880 Webservice throw 404
65879 Functional programming: its got what coders crave!
65878 how to print string esc characters
65877 VSTO Issue : Customize the user properties dialog in Outlook 2007
65876 information on IXmlSerializable interface
65875 find by index in Generics
65874 Embedding script engine into application
65873 REGEX
65872 How to know when SecondaryBuffer.Play() is done?
65871 KeyDown Message Capturing problem..
65870 Prepare yourself for ASP.Net Certification
65869 Problems with Delegates
65868 A good Database Alternative to Access & SqlServer Express?
65867 Google Seo Optimization Software - Seo Optimizer - Search Engine CONsulting software.....
65866 software testing and performace tools
65864 Usercontrol does not refresh after recompile
65863 Learn How you Can make Millions at home from a Billion Dollar Industry!!!!!
65862 Auto Column Width
65861 best way to enumerate List<> & remove unwanted elements?
65860 How to click a checkbox programmatically?
65859 Create toolbar for IE?
65858 Need to create a wrapper to execute a program
65857 how to get this code to do exactly what I want ??
65856 Service and Client
65855 "sum" 2 bitmaps
65854 is a byte array Byte[] pass by reference
65852 Entityspace connectionString for Oracle
65851 Windows Forms Advice - same controls on different Tabpages
65850 Load an assembly using a relative path
65849 StackOverflowException with attribute
65848 Wrap SSL Around Existing Socket... Externally
65847 Passing XML data as parameter of web service
65846 FileSystemWatcher and multiple changed events
65845 Serialize object to XML containing array
65844 CSharp Source Code
65843 XmlSerializer and delegates
65841 IStream interface
65840 returning a string and bool type from a member of a class
65839 simple casting problem (with small code example)
65838 Sending a Sharing Invitation for a RSS Feed to a Outlook 2007 user
65837 class / namespace hierarchy issue - don't want same name twice
65836 help files
65835 How to convert text into InitCap
65834 How to convert string to InitCap
65833 controls in groupbox
65832 help: messagebox-like delay?
65831 newbie: help with databinding please
65830 PropertyGrid - can't edit property
65829 Problem with Custom Action
65828 passing reference variable!!. out bug?
65827 default types
65826 Tracking a memory leak.
65825 ?? Basic C# Language Questions ??
65824 Can I remove text from a StringWriter ?
65823 arrays
65822 please recommend c# and asp books
65821 Call delphi .dll
65820 Class to update db-structure
65819 Unary plus
65818 What tools to add?
65817 Mouse capture in a third-party visual ActiveX
65816 what is best algorithm to check duplicated rows
65815 Check for activity on TCP port
65813 typedef Replacement?
65812 LoginStatus Control
65811 TFSBuild MSBuild Command Line Arguments
65810 Compiling an .NET v1.1 executable with MS VS 2005
65809 Share settings between my two systems
65808 Stringbuilder vs Strings
65807 IStream.Read()
65806 Using reflection to get instance name
65805 New to Delegates. Having Issues
65804 2 different threads checking on same variable scenario
65803 StatusStrip control alignment
65802 Index of last item clicked on in a MultiSimple list box
65801 TabPage keyboard shortcuts possible, like buttons?
65800 PDC vs DevConnections
65799 Missing csc.exe
65798 rounding float toward zero?
65797 FindAll method with List<T> generic class
65796 Run code entered in textbox
65795 Webservice with optional parameters
65794 Find control name though object sender?
65793 What can be stored in application settings?
65792 Structure in CSharp
65791 Getting wrong row information with DataGridView.HitTestInfor
65790 How to set the publisher in the meta data?
65789 How to enable the textbox to allow drag drop
65788 First chance exceptions...
65787 Need To Disable Horizontal Scrolling - Why Is HScroll Property Ignored?
65786 Enable network adapter and BindAdapter exceptions.
65785 How can i make the horizontal scroll scroll to end of page?
65784 closing Modal Form inside form
65783 IL Security
65782 Yahoo Hacked! Credit Card information stolen OMG!
65781 Remote debug
65780 Reflection Issue / Question
65779 How to connect .NET Server with JAVA?
65778 Fire up a click event inside a control
65777 preventing html encoding by server control
65776 Unexpected behavior of MeasureString
65775 general thanks
65774 ClickOnce Prerequisites Having Dynamic Locations
65773 Event Viewer Logging - Add a new overall type
65772 noob question
65771 generic method that tests if array contains a value
65770 List Question
65769 Is Partial Class feature required
65768 derive MouseEventArgs from EventArgs
65767 convert string to integer
65766 transparent button upon an image
65765 forms looks different on different platform; limited things can change in OS theme
65764 DataAdapter
65763 Why does NativeWindow.DebuggableCallbac k() get called from Debug.WriteLine()?
65762 Format Number as in ToString("#,###.00")
65761 IEnumerator
65760 Nhibernate
65759 Save several DataTables of DataSet
65758 How to get port configuration programatically

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