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C# Programming

65757 Q: Overide OnPaint in textBox
65756 32 vs 64 bit
65755 DTD XML String
65754 Cursor is Black?
65753 UAC - How to specify application name
65752 Threading problem after migration from 2003 to 2005
65751 DHTML Edit Control und Umlaute
65750 DHTML Edit Control and umlauts
65749 DropDown List Box
65748 Q: Child list for field x cannot be created.
65747 Excel import with x64 machine
65746 Processes attached to a file (like .dll or .exe)
65745 fundamental scope question
65744 Outlook object
65743 Leading 0s in an up/down control
65742 sending PCL printer cmds from csharp
65741 Question on a COM project.
65740 Another noob question
65739 Process.MainWindowHandle = 0 for hidden windows, solution?
65738 Should I use TransactionScope?
65737 Compile Questions
65736 Is it possible to remove "click" sound that occurs when WebBrowser control text changes?
65735 where to call savetoxml to run on object destruction
65734 static & instance variables
65733 Creating a preference window
65732 Problem with creating classes as runtime - PLEASE HELP
65731 Using .Net 2.0 components in .Net 1.1?
65730 Reading text file problem
65729 Reading keyboard key presses on WinForm
65728 How to validate XMLDocument (not XMLReader) against a DTD?
65727 Saving DataGridView
65726 Programmatically setting SqlServer vs. Windows authentication
65725 DllImport win32 and out string buffer parameters
65724 Multithread writes to a Rich Text Box
65723 Trouble with ShowDialog
65722 Search and Index files...
65721 Graphics to TextRenderer
65720 XML Delete
65719 EventBroker concept from the CAB
65718 VS2005 C# Formatting Options
65717 C# Web set time out question
65716 Problem with ASP .NET
65715 Please give me a moment - How Employable am I?
65714 Inherited Form
65713 Java to C#
61272 cannot get a ref parameter on a thread
61271 Duplicate code finder.
61270 Connection to Access database on Web Server from VB Winforms application
61269 How to install service in Vista
61268 How to compress a number of files into a one
61267 MDI child window Icon size
61266 Implementing a cursor and text background color
61265 determine local access
61264 GETs and SETs
61263 Passing a TabPage as a parameter
61262 Scanning byte arrays
61261 multi threaded database access...
61260 Creating a windows service with interface
61259 Decimal seperator
61258 Pinvoke help
61257 Start User Process from Local System Service
61256 After the Deletion of Google Answers, U Got Questions Fills the Gap Answering and Asking the Tough Questions
61255 Reading a file byte by byte
61254 Using SetPixel
61253 GridView not displaying data even Reader object contains Rows
61252 Invoking Generic Methods with Generic Arguments
61251 Adding a tray icon for a console app?
61250 Accessing Parameter Value with Attribute
61249 What's wrong with Private keyword
61248 Multiple handlers for an event
61247 Where and how to use the EXTERN
61246 TFSBuild Labels
61245 Does that RegExp makes sense to you, people?
61244 Is KeyValuePair<string,string>.ToString intended as serialization building block?
61243 HttpWebRequest, Error 400 - Possible redirect?
61242 Handling the Red X button
61241 RegEx.Replace() to remove double-backslashes in a path
61240 IDE Code Templates
61239 Read data file on client fails
61238 Using Generic Class
61237 How to convert a byte array to a singe integer
61236 Repost: VS2005 - is DataGrid.IsSelected( ) broken ? (still an MS 'managed' group?)
61235 ArrayList vs. List<>
61234 best db wrappers?
61233 Updating listbox without refreshing window for each element added
61232 Events, Reflection, and Anonymous Methods
61231 How to transfer the following JAVA codes to C#?
61230 Generic type converter class. Cant call static method of type T.
61229 Data Object should nt return DataView
61228 How can I display data using GridView and Reader
61227 Original exe size from signed exe
61226 Run a timer on a different thread
61225 Change value cell after click on row in DataGridView
61224 associate help file with F1 key
61223 Problem with generic
61222 Communicating windows service with windows app: remoting?
61221 Prevent row high
61220 Selecting and dragging text on a TextBox
61219 ????..?? PSP $998,PS3, Wii.??7?
61218 Printing always the same page on label printer
61217 Force update of Databinding
61216 -=--=
61215 need help using system.Threading...
61214 TableAdapter generate identity
61213 Building your own controls
61212 Modifying private variables from outside the containing class?
61211 How to unit test a C# library launched from an external program?
61210 Rolling back file errors
61209 Error with DetectImagePath returning DBNull help...
61208 Marshal.GetLastWin32Error()
61207 About System.Net.HttpWebResponse's Encoding
61206 reset pc
61205 Violation of PRIMARY KEY
61204 how to create instance by type
61203 SMS and .Net
61202 Need a quick DDE alternative/solution, Please
61201 How to create generic class constructor
61200 How can I create Docs from my source files?
61199 Open Same Form 2 Different Ways
61198 Comparing types
61197 Deleting all breakpoints?
61196 VS2005 Setup Project question
61195 Slow draw speeds
61194 Change colors of ProgressBar control?
61193 List.Exists Predicate
61192 How Do I Serialze Parent Hosting COLLECTION of Child objects
61191 what can cause System.IO.IOException besides for HD errors?
61190 catch all unhandled exeptions does not work for all computers.
61189 GridView not displaying data in browser on pressing button Go when bind to DataTable
61188 How to use generics?
61187 Serializing / Deserializing string array problems
61186 C Sharp
61185 using delegate
61184 need advice on how to best do this
61183 How to convert a SqlDbType to plain Type
61182 Strange problem with XmlSerializer creating duplicate end tags
61181 XML: empty namespace?
61180 FFT in C#
61179 Newbie question
61178 The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_ATM_Accounts"
61177 Simple question on CSharp style
61176 Structs vs. Classes
61175 Optional Parameters
61174 combo box populated but selectedItem returning system.Data.DataRowView
61173 About foreach statement.
61172 memcpy functionality? please help!
61171 confused abt what to choose!
61170 Please help converting the following perl script into C#, vb.net or ASP.NET
61169 How to implement a Visual Studio like Output window
61168 How can i pass structure into c function that expect pointer
61167 data corrupted while transfering struct from c# interop into c function
61166 Excellent money making program
61165 why no struct inheritance?
61164 Cannot convert from byte* to byte[]
61163 using BindingNavigator with TabPanel
61162 Novice: Returning a list
61161 How to *force* threads to run on certain processors?
61160 UML for C# White Paper
61159 IRQ and Serial Ports
61158 Rethrowing exceptions
61157 Implementing IEqualityComparer for a struct?
61156 showing thousand seperator in String.Format that works for single digit numbers.
61155 C# Beginner
61154 SqlDataAdapter
61153 How to save a string as a text file.
61152 if A or B
61151 Modal Window Mouse Capture Outside of Bounds?
61150 Automatically adding dependents of an assembly to the project
61149 struct size error
61148 important quey
61147 How to create and use chm-file for online help?
61146 self-confidence of compiler
61145 How to read the message of a system event log
61144 Calling DTS package using C#
61143 New to C#
61142 Getting info from excel.
61141 Application.Exit();
61140 problem with start external application and hook keyboard
61139 We Transfer Your H1
61138 Problem with installation
61137 Slow Graphics Drawing with GDI
61136 Copy/paste in datagrid pasting junk
61135 Problem with GraphicsUnit using GDI
61134 Connection strings and resource files
61133 Code to handle a proxy server?
61132 IComparable Byte-Array Comparison
61131 Position of XmlNode in XML-File
61130 help with help icon
61129 A Generalized Way of Testing Bits in "[Flags]"
61128 concatanate string and byte array
61127 DllImport Attribute Issue
61126 MSBuild Zip tasks
61125 Setting security policies using C#
61124 const in .cs
61123 Writing an e-mail program to go to gmail, get e-mails and download attachments automatically.
61122 C# project with 'Register for COM Interop' set to true
61121 how to find out the level IO
61120 passing a struct with an array by reference
61119 CodeDOM Delegate
61118 Using classes/properties vs datasets

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