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C# Programming

61117 NULL values in dataset
61116 ArgumentException when adding a form to a panel
61115 Why Does Console.WriteLine() Not Write to Command Window?
61114 VS2005 - DataGrid.IsSelected( ) broken ?
61113 Permission Architecture
61112 Complex numbers
61111 Using threading to call sql script
61110 DateTime + representing only the time
61109 Simple C# type conversion problem
61108 Obscure exception
61107 setting src of <script> tag dynamically
61106 Writing an Excel plugin
61105 default click behavior of radio button on showing child form
61104 GDI+ Marquee
61103 reverse the order of selected items
61102 Disposable Canvas?
61101 column.expression
61100 Bind multiple DataTables as one object to a GridView
61099 WPF: Combobox as a header in gridview
61098 Windows Services and SQL Server
61097 Tab Order Issue
61096 Reading date value from Excel
61095 SSLStream
61094 save bit as 0 or 1not true or false
61093 System Architecture / .NET Remoting
61092 It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level.
61091 Modify an XML File with a DataSet and Child Relations
61090 synch Outlook appointments bidirectional
61089 Trivial P/Invoke question
61088 Different Type of User Pattern
61087 Custom Control questions
61086 Properties settings works on XP, but not Vista. What gives?
61085 Active Directory get extensionAttribute
61084 Urgent: Adding users to log on locally list programmatically using C#
61083 RSACryptoServiceProvider public/private-key question
61082 Fun with products and Expression columns
61081 Issue with double quotes
61080 XmlSerialization is failing due to a circular reference.
61079 FileSystemWatcher with multiple folders
61078 Exec Class
61077 Multiple ComboBoxes, one data source
61076 Assign repeated tasks back to the threadpool?
61075 Setting CurrentCell in DGV in CellEndEdit event ignores RowIndex
61074 Debug.WriteLine not working anymore
61073 Using ToString method to format nullable numeric variables
61072 System.Diagnostics.Process Question
61071 custom listbox item w/ multiple checkboxes
61070 XmlSerializer and defaults
61069 What that site is running?
61068 Focus another application
61067 Server tags cannot contain <% ... %> constructs
61066 Packing messages into a byte buffer
61065 Help using the WebBrowser control as a generic ActiveX plug-in.
61063 Debugging VirtualPathProvider
61062 How to extract all links/url from web page?
61061 Slow Renaming of Labels
61060 Barcode Programming
61059 Problems creating COM wrapper for C# dll (regasm.exe)
61058 Arithmetic Division
61057 "sgen.exe exited with code -532459699"
61056 Managing sound in .NET
61055 System.Net.WebClient DownloadString File Size Issue
61054 installer loses signature
61053 User Control with string resource property
61052 Binding control property to class property?
61051 Getting .NET form to respond to Excel window events
61050 Create C# controls names at runtime
61049 Regulat expression question
61048 Strange Datareader error
61047 debugging at class level ??
61046 Bug Reporting
61045 Listview question
61044 registry
61043 HD-DVD key cracked.
61042 who know the windows2003's IE temp fold
61041 Windows Services + Remoting
61040 DateTime problem
61039 Texbox.Text from form A to Form B
61038 Writing out to a .config file.
61037 Windows Firewall
61036 Connection String Object
61035 How to retrieve a session value
61034 Regular expression - how to differentiate between > and >=
61033 HELP: Allowing a user to design the layout of form
61032 C++ Friendship in C#
61031 DataTable.Merge()
61030 TextBox/ForLoop Help
61029 Alternate Row Color for entire grid
61028 ListBox SelectItem
61027 does my stream contain valid XML?
61026 How would you handle needed "System" class/table/form in application?
61025 Difference between is and .GetType() == typeof(class)
61024 Windows Service + TcpChannel Callback
61023 nested class in lieu of private fields
61022 When worlds collide - a settings story
61021 Group Radio Buttons Without GroupBox or Panel.
58921 Drawing system architecture
58919 Identify Underlying OS Platform?
58918 How to remove comments from SQL string
58917 Orcas beta issues
58916 - Svn Multiple Repositories on Windows
58915 ASP.Net 2.0 - how to add custom style into page header in code
58914 Newbie needs help with ThreadPool
58913 Inheritance Problem
58912 how to use ado.net to manage a dynamic database?
58911 how to save dbf file to sql
58910 Handling Cancel on Form Close
58909 A Question of Style: Accessor Methods
58908 Windows Services and UI
58907 Localization exception problems
58906 Use reflection to copy a class
58905 Remove rows from CSV files
58904 Multiple Clicks
58903 Location of controls when inhereting a baseform...
58902 problem with multiline regular expression
58901 Automation urgent pls
58900 how can i assign an alt text in c#
58899 I received Exception from HRESULT: 0xE06D7363 error while using Interop.Fredi.dll in Console base C# .NET project
58898 K-mean clustering algorithm!
58897 Function for Factorial.
58896 Strong named casting frenzy
58895 syntax issue?
58894 step through a struct using foreach
58893 Interoperatablity in c# and vb. Case Sensitivity issue.
58892 Missing Reference
58891 C# Profiler
58890 ServiceController Remote
58889 Casting as an enum type
58888 Determining if two paths are the same
58887 How can I reduce the memory consumption?
58886 Progress bar not updating while form loses focus
58885 Window Service and Threads
58884 Animated GIF
58883 Specify a framework version for devenv.exe
58882 Strange container behaviour?
58881 Passing data between two open Forms (neither is MDI)
58880 run .net application from remote machine
58879 Multiple lines in ListView column header titles?
58878 "Use of unassigned local variable" error
58877 How to eliminate delay making first call to a webservice?
58876 Is there a debug.print in CSharp?
58875 Online Mafia Kills 13 drive by shootings
58874 Executing COM+ class
58873 Confused about proc vs. dynamic SQL vs LINQ
58872 How do you emulate a "print-screen"?
58871 AppDomain and probing
58870 outlining expand and collapse
58869 How to drag a picturebox inside a panel control?
58868 Class file bogging down IDE. Difficult to navigate file...
58867 private static or static private in a field declaration?
58866 structure of xml classes in C#
58865 vista server not accepting connetions
58864 BinaryFormatter Serialization format? Is it documented?
58863 Child form code access to parent code object
58862 Cascading Menu for Excel Addin in C#
58861 Reporting Services: Import existing 2003 folders and reports into new VS2005 report server project
58860 Drop event on a picture box
58859 XML datetime
58858 C# or VB
58857 I am facing a prob in my project and need some help
58856 How to emulate missing property in object
58855 autoscroll bars and mdi forms
58854 Regex internal caching or what?
58853 dataGrid sorting slow
58852 DataTable.select problem with variables
58851 What is the format of .imd file
58850 SQL Express User/ Role database to SQL Server
58849 DSA.msc user properties (Shell properties)
58848 C# reading AAC info
58847 Running a console application in Windows Scheduler - .NET Runtime Error EventID: 5000
58846 All Values Same (for property) in a Collection
58845 imageList bug?
58844 C# Problem reading numbers from excel file
58843 Logging Application Block
58842 See the argument passed to shortcut (VS MSI project)
58841 Private Variables to Public Properties - question
58840 How to determine what process blocks my DLL?
58839 List<T>, Collection<T>, and FindAll
58838 'with' statement
58836 insert into 2 sql tables
58835 How can I convert Single to integer??
58834 Storing a non serializable object
58833 C# strange cache behaviour
58832 MsAccess and IA64
58831 DateTimePicker time field carry/borrow - still stymied!
58830 Hashtable ordering
58829 Need help with Drag-and-drop works for muilti rows but not single
58828 convert an object to string and back (in a culture independent fashion)
58827 OT: "scaffolding" ?
58826 default button gray color
58825 Q: Advice / Tip on inheritance.
58824 Minimize without Maximize
54736 Dynamically Loading Custom Controls in ASP.net
54735 Alternatives to "Guid"
54734 help out a boob? whats wrong with this? callback not firing when called recursively
54733 Event Handler help
54732 ListBox MultiSimple and event handling

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