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C# Programming

53337 Service application and its configuration screen
53336 VSS
53335 Sort datagridview by row drag and drop?
53334 Spezial-Mens
53333 View html file in WebBrowser Control
53332 how do I set the web project to use port 81?
53331 I need to check for existence of a file on our website in "images"...
53330 Debug issue
53329 WebBrowser throws TargetInvocationException
53328 Object reference not set to an instance of an object
53327 Inline SQL or stored procs for my C# windows app?
53326 Detecting a key from the ASCII character set
53325 Maintaining a session through the full website
53324 csharp-online
53323 a threading test for your use/thoughts on affinity
53322 converting 4bytes(32bits) to float
53321 3 Tier Inheritance
53320 DateTimePicker rollover & carry
53319 Create Type with just the fullname
53318 Generic Collection with reference types
53317 "Step Into" in Debugging
53316 Multiple result sets in one DataGridView
53315 Printing a PDF
53314 Socket call back that received packet data gets 0 byte packets
53313 Multi Threaded App - Stack Trace Error
53312 Encrypt and Decrypt a file using .NET 2.0?
53311 Access
53310 Google Maps using ASP.NET
53309 Windows Service and DateTime issue
53308 how can I using the command-mode within the VisualC# express edition?
53307 How to using C# socket programming to communicate IM like AIM, MSN ...
53306 Session problem
53305 datagird "Index out of array bound" exception
53304 Dynamic Control Creation in C#
53303 Destructor not being called - why?
53302 Reaching a property
53301 ApplicationException unhandled by user code
53300 Setup users and roles with C# MS Access and MSSQL DB (Framework 2.0)
53299 How to change MS Word data to byte[ ]
44651 C# Source to independent (from .net framework) binary compiler (alternative to remotesoft)
44650 ToolTip over a DataGridView row?
44649 Can generic types be overloaded?
44648 How can I capture a signature?
44647 Install custom action fails when assembly signed w/ strong name ke
44646 MethodBuilder.CreateMethodBody
44645 How to tell who referenced me?
44644 How can I copy the graphics inside a picturebox to the clipboard?
44643 Changing the value of a DateTime
44642 Upload a file to Webdav server
44641 User defined mesage in C#?
44640 VB6 Color From Long - Equivalent in C#
44639 naive question
44638 How to find unused methods?
44637 Auto-drop menu items when hovering over menu strip
44636 Manual hyperlinks in XML docs (see cref)
44635 Problem with setting directory permissions
44634 threading and delegates
44633 Problem with Method handling a BaseClass parameter
44632 How to calulate width of string for given font
44631 Typing without echo into a text box
44630 Any advantage to this syntax...
44629 Slightly OT Crystal Reports question
44628 OT: Can somebody who knows the Bible well help me learn something?
44627 Recording Audio
44626 changing culture on datetimepicker
44625 how to tranfer file using networkstream through sockets in c#..
44624 Access other application components
44623 Please view this code to see what is wrong??
44622 ricane
44621 newbie question up multi-table update
44620 Datasets or object model for "standard app"?
44619 Combo Box DropDown Style
44618 Inherit ComboBox / Windows Vista
44617 how to create a public enum to be used accross classes in my solut
44616 Designer Templates - automatic summary comments?
44615 Click vs DoubleClick
44614 Serial ports
44613 C# refreshing Datagridview from a different form
44612 substitute
44611 Autoupdating webservice
44610 Help with oracle reader (vsnet2005)
44609 Form - Prevent Flicker when changing Opacity
44608 str( number, width, presicion) function
44607 String literal in multiple lines
44606 String Encryption Help
44605 Interface Question
44603 reflection and bindingflags
44602 long versus Long?
44601 Programming the Vista DVD maker
44600 using delegate between different assembly
44599 Code to detect UAC state and elevation on Vista
44598 Incorrect instance in .NET 2.0 Form Shown event
44597 help float converting
44596 Make datatable data available to other functions (novice)
44595 readonly
44594 Help in dotnetmagic
44593 singleton
44592 Management Program
44591 Oracle Database Connection Pool - Too many connections being used
44590 c# 2.0 expres eddition and voice recognition
44589 Search Text in Multiple Documents
44588 Does crystal reports always needs a database ?
44587 Designing reports for internet browser
44586 Designing report for internet browser
44585 Graphic guage level C#(newbie)
44584 Problems with SQL server
44583 GridView1_RowUpdating
44582 Attempted to read or write protected memory
44581 CodeVeil seems the best obfuscator for the .NET applications you develop
44580 DirectoryInfo and FileInfo
44579 Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
44578 How to: Getting data from another running exe works in the same AppDomain on the same computer
44577 How to: Getting data from another running exe works in the same AppDomain?
44576 Resource localization
44575 POS Printer in .NET
44574 Mini web crawler
44573 Collection property & Design Time support
44572 C# Doubt.
44571 How to Drag and Drop node from treeview to Datagrid
44570 Slot information
44569 create .chm file using c#
44568 convert byte[] to an type
44567 Query MS Access data 'like ....' from CSharp
44566 yet another GUI/Console question
44565 Dataset and the empty rows
44564 Active Directory query doesn't work...
44563 DllImport with CallingConvention.StdCall and _cdecl
44562 Error message when service fails to start
44561 treeview expand client-side attributes
44560 Grab data from string
44559 Call javascript from ASP.net content page
44558 SqlDataAdapter.Fill() Performance isues
44557 LINQ and OO
44556 ConfigurationManager
44555 drag and drop from treeview into datatable using windowsapplication in c#
44554 automagicaly generate a wrapper for unmanaged dll or library
44553 App.Config
44552 DropDownList refresh ASP
44551 XmlException message disappears.
44550 user control
44549 Problem during conversion..oracle to sql2000
44548 confusion regarding hashtable.
44547 inherited object as ref
44546 Q: Casting objects from an ArrayList
44545 Error with VB6 client and C# COM server
44544 this.Cursor works but not Cursor.Current not working
44543 Can't get Invocationist of a butons Click Event
44542 Application Settings - Stupid Me! I don't get it...
44541 Webbrower control calling script functions inside the url
44540 StopWatch issue with Multi-CUP servers
44539 Q: DataGridView.
44538 Unmanaged code and serialization
44537 Deep copy alternatives
44536 Emulate HyperTerminal
44535 WebService Security!!
44534 Simple Username/Password in WCF?
44533 failed to import ActiveX
44532 A Program To Check The Activities Of Another Program
44531 Different Tooltip for each Item in dropdownlist using C#
44530 Simple Print Program Crashes Windows/XP HARD!
44529 Stopping popups in a browser object.
44528 Static classes: to use or not to use?
44527 ICollection implementation
44526 Waitable Timer in C# ?
44525 Code Access Security for native Apps
44524 excel process not terminating properly
44523 Customizing Items methods in a ComboBox user control
44522 Application pausing: sleep or timers?
44521 databinding buttons verticaly
44520 MDI Child Merge MenuStrip
44519 searchable textbox?
44518 How to set the column order in a DataGridView control
44517 How to access control properties on other form? (Windows Mobile)
44516 Changing a list while iterating over its elements with a foreach loop
44515 Communicating with a running process
44514 printersettings flip pages up
44513 (asynch tcp client) I'm missing something with this example
44512 Marshaling to c++ DLL vector
44511 Threads and error handling
44510 Infopath 2003 form not properly submitting data to Web Service
44509 Sending an email to exchange group using c# windows service.
44508 C# GetType - Why does it need an instance?
44507 CloseMainWindow() doesn't appear to work under Vista
44506 Implementing a login window
44505 connecting to main frame through .net
44504 Linklabel creation speed
44503 parallel and distributed build
44502 Image chaching and graphics resources...
44501 Application.Exit() vs Environmrnt.Exit(0)
44500 simulating low-bandwith, latency on web service
44499 reference form
44498 enterprise Library Configuration
44497 Exception handling in C#
44496 Faster dynamic property access [ANN]
44495 why doesn't this DrawLine code do anything?
44494 Interop - returning a buffer through callback
44493 Losing buttons from toolbox
44492 GC.Collect can be trusted?
44491 multi-cores & multi-processors how does that effect threaded programming?

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