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C# Programming

44490 how to dock a tool window in Visual Studio Add-in
44489 File Duplication check
44488 Registration problem with COM interop sample.
44487 Pocket PC File System
44486 Hyperlinks in datagrid!
44485 An IEquatable<T> object cast to IEquatable<explicittype> results in wrong Equals override called.
44484 how to invoke event
44483 Visio style flowchart line connectors
44482 Smooth Scrolling Text using GDI+
44481 RichTextBox - Show Unicode Control Characters
44480 design question, using xml-serializable objects with databound controls
44479 Tab Pages ... yet again !!!
44478 Service OnShutdown is not called
44477 Some c# interview questions
44476 Best Miter Gauge?
44475 Binding to datagridview
44474 MSBuild Visual Studio 2003
44473 How do i get SCOPE_IDENTITY from INSERT query using tableadapter.
44472 Preventing null propagation
44471 System.Data.SqlClient.SqlExcep tion: An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file "Location" failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share.
44470 RTF to HTML + Images
44469 HttpClient - easy getting page, downloading file, submiting form
44468 OdbcDataAdapter batch inserts
44467 Bug in C# 2.0 compiler?
44466 Making static class ToString() not possible, why?
44465 delegate in custom attribute
44464 Must inherit form doesn't show up in list.. bug?
44463 Events between processes
44462 Multiple images in a PictureBox Control
44461 How to fill a DataGridView without freezing the UI thread
44460 Why doesn't C# allow incremental compilation like Java?
44459 System.Web.Services exception
44458 Rubber Banding in Net2.0
44457 DGV RowsAdded and accessing the DataGridViewRow.DataBoundItem property = me killing myself!
44456 remotely start the application
44455 Keeping up with a scrollable panel
44454 Expand My Documents?
44453 application won't start if needed assembly is missing...
44452 When in transaction scope how do I run a query outside transaction?
44451 INSERT for DataGridView
44450 casting (best practice?)
44449 Combining byte arrays and loading in word document
44448 Windows service and EvenLog problem NET.2.0
44447 Adding compression
44446 Dynamic Code
44445 Microsoft.CSharp.Targets ?? Help!
44444 Syntax Question, C# 2005
44443 Serialization and ISite
44442 How to determine if an object is numeric?
44441 Word: Object reference not set to in instance of an object
44440 Best Performance File Compare: MD5/SHA1 or Byte-by-Byte Checking?
44439 Number formatting with leading spaces
44438 Array indexing in C# (no pointers?)
44437 C# ala ASP .Net - Web App needs to run external appliation
44436 C# with Postgre DB
44435 Is it possible to pass a type as a generic parameter to a function and return an instance of that type?
44434 IMediaType.formatPtr to VideoInfoHeader?
44433 how to see if a drive is ready on Framework ver 1.1
44432 Error: Index is outside the bounds of the array
44431 Get notification of user clicking on menu item
44430 Start Remote Process and track the exit code
44429 Scope and Coding Style
44428 Question about double buffering in .Net 1.1
44427 C# Excel Add-in works on some machines, but then not others
44426 slow to stop edit, stop debugging
44425 Thread problem with control delegate
44424 Top posting
44423 Downloading unix \n text files, convert to \r\n non-unix?
44422 Retrieve installer information
44421 how to reassign a fixed pointer
44420 Passing COM object from c# to COM causes exception
44419 Progress Bar refuses to work?
44418 Reflection ok in 1.1, but not anymore in 2.0
44417 how to listen a connection from a specific IP address?
44416 why doesn't this xpath expression work ?
44415 n-tier development
44414 Multithreading
44413 Forgot Syntax: calling a parameterized constructor of the same class from a non-parameterized one
44412 How to catch system event of new process that are loaded
44411 RichText in asp.net
44410 IntelliSense Question.
44409 Problem catching all exceptions in a windows service
44408 How to disable NetBios in TcpClient
44407 CoInitialize in C# ?
44406 Iterating over a list and altering it?
44405 Windows Forms
44404 exchange 2003 create draft using webDAV
44403 SOAP security negotiation error when using WCF (please help!)
44402 Windows XP Tips for Computer Security
44401 AppDomains - App within an App
44400 Process.start returned value?
44399 there are 2 control A and B
44398 developer express, xtragrid, counting (enumerating) rows
44397 convert from string to binary
44396 SplitContainer with TextBox Not Handling Copy (Control C)
44395 Inter-process communication
44394 convert string to binary
44393 Wrap command shell in System.Diagnostics.Process
44392 Why is this invalid
44391 WebBrowser problem
44390 Error: Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Byte[]. (Need Help Urgently)
44389 C# :: repeating debug statements
44388 Remove empty line from string
44387 Converting Java to C#
44386 How to use IEquatable?
44385 delaying validation
44384 Automatically create properties
44383 SQL Server 2005 DAL / Data Dictionary
44382 Event not fired on click of dyanmic dropdownlist in webuser contro
44381 windows 2003 server
44380 ZeroMemory
44379 BulkCopy
44299 user control
44298 How to specify "realm" for HTTP authentication?
44297 Abstract Classes
44296 Interfaces
44295 login into normal web pages through c#.net
44294 Can I abandon the lock on .SyncRoot and lock a collection directly? Less available memory in 2.0?
44293 Garbage Collection
44292 Global Assembly Cache
44291 Working with database in C# Pocket PC
44290 Accessing base class in User Control
44289 How to create 2 dimensional dynamic array (vb.net or c#)
44288 Const in referenced assembly becomes literal in compiled code
44287 Merge word applications
44286 How do I create an xml file and execute in c#...
44285 how to set the carret to the end of a text box (or automatic scroll)
44284 int is out of scope???
44283 Import Project and OutputPath (csproj)
44282 any preformance tips ?
44281 loading other-than-default app.config files
44280 Convert hex to double in 2.0?
44279 Easy(?) one about Label.Text
43153 threads co-ordinating access to a method
43152 How to get HTML code for a web address
43151 MessageBox in C# - errors
43150 question about msgbox in c#
43149 Some useful link
43148 What exactly Dll does
43147 Windows Application close connection with webservice
43146 Waiting for a Process to Finish
43145 System.Collections.Generic.Lis t
43144 httpwebrequest for no http headers
43143 ANN: Bricksoft Fast IM COM SDK V1.5 released!
43142 A Very Odd Behaviour
43141 Store image in database with Visual C# 2K5 Express
43140 c# transactions in 2.0 intermittently differs from 1.1?
43139 Excel addin not loading
43138 .NET Reflection
43137 .Net Reflection
43136 reflection
43135 Marshalling a struct containing char**
43134 Q: Need tip on compressing files.
43133 Parsing XML
43132 current directory of WebBrowser control
43131 Why is the second element in this XML not being picked up?
43130 accessing items in "My computer" programmatically
43129 Enumerate Drive letters on remote computer and free space on HD
43128 How to create a .txt file with unicode encoding
43127 Select query that should return multiple rows: It does not
43126 (WebBrowser.Document == null) throws InvalidCastException
43125 Fortran files in C#?
43124 Build reports?
43123 ado connection fail on Vista
43122 Looking for some Controls
43121 Converting Doubles to Strings
43120 Changing a form's location
43119 Dataset Object updating
43118 DLL with message loop
43117 Designer update with custom control
43116 Unsafe code problem
43115 Customizing a ComboBox
43114 simple date time question!
43113 Question about unpack
43112 How to position cursor after changing selection in TextBox derived
43111 Int32 value into Bitmap byte pixel???
43110 Using a Windows Media file as input
43109 Passing Recordset from C# to VBScript
43108 How can read .sdf file from PC using csharp language
43107 Asynchronous Programming Model
43106 convert DateTime to UTC
43105 Legacy COM using ComInterfaceType and Recordsets
43104 DAAB(Data Access Application Block) 2.0 connection problem.
43103 DataAdapter select assuming integer
43102 Debugging & reference to .dll files
43101 Check to see if a pc is on before attempting file.copy
43100 Raising and event
41878 Automatic Brush Selection ( by int i )
41877 Static Class Factory?
41876 Confused by overloading (or can I claim it's a compiler bug...?)
41875 Click event + key pressed
41874 Invalid cast when trying to reference a database column...
41873 DataTable already exist. Need to add data to DataTable
41872 Cursor line in RichTextBox
41871 ADODB!!!
41870 Using a C++ DLL in a C# Project
41869 Switching to C#
41868 update a progressbar on update a mssql table
41867 Property browser
41866 C# Static string appending problem.

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