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C# Programming

41865 Dll reference..
41864 Help with error: "No overload for method 'x' takes 'y' arguments" using web service
41863 Databinding to a combo box: Newbie
41862 TableLayoutPanel and TabControl
41861 Multiple Conditions Firing order
41860 Dock a form to the desktop
41859 Connection error to WebService when chunkSize is to small
41858 Insert atatement conflict with foreign key
41857 ListView Item
41856 shortcut keys
41855 treeView - deepest level
41854 First-time using Interop
41853 Getting SpeechRecognitionEngine to detect audio
41852 Recommendation on How to build a long string
41851 Async socket & active connections
41850 delegates and events
41849 the name 'functionname' does not exist in the current context
41848 Most robust way to implement single-instance Windows app?
41846 SuspendLayout Not Suspending...
41845 DateTime.ToString("R")
41844 Converting byte[] to Int16[]
41843 how to generate prime numbers
41842 How do i round off a float(newbie)
41841 treeview control within a master page.
41840 PictureBox leaving filehandle open
41839 Define 24 Bit data type
41838 how to set file attributes for read only purpose
41837 Database updation through datagridview
41835 pass textbox value to storedprocedure
41834 hi
41746 kill process in .net
41745 Windows Form DataGrid Contol, Cell text color problem
41744 DragDrop event
41743 new rows are added to top of DataGridView
41742 DGV - editing cell values don't hold new values
41741 Event on an item in a collection
41740 Force the users to update their "ClickOnce" application
41739 Reflection Design Help
41738 How to spit xml format word document. Template is already there
41737 Visibility of Form1 question.
41736 Working with a VB COM Component
39658 OleDbConnection to Sybase
39657 Insert multiple row of data in database from excel worksheet
39656 Visual Studio 2005 Remote Debugger problem
39655 Type conversion/ costum_type[] to int[]
39654 Clear Output/Debug window?
39653 set value on datagridviewComboboxcolumn as default vaue
39652 Listbox, context menu and HotKey
39651 OpenGL accross multiple threads in C#.NET
39650 trouble witch using struct from C dll
39649 MDI support in C#
39648 Help need on TcpClient
39647 Output-Debug Window Clearing
39646 Windows Service and ActiveX
39645 Killing Kookies
39644 Method/proc for every type of call, or just one and let the client slice and dice?
39643 table structures
39642 Key-Value pair list - not sorted
39641 arrays from other functions
39640 newbie Main() or variable scope issue
39639 Programmatically Disable All Checkboxes on a form
39638 Finding the Median in an Array
39637 Editing C# Painfully Slow
39636 How to build installer package
39635 Inter process communication!
39634 programmatically checking if app is running
39633 TextWriter fails on Close() call in destructor
39632 Any such thing as a single column HashTable?
39631 How can I make a Dialog modal in a threaded application?
39630 Questions about ScrollableControl
39629 WCF requirement
39628 Form minimize and maximize button click events....
39627 datagrid view (or datagrid) to text file
39626 Splitting a csv string file into a multidemensional array
39625 TVM_GETITEM does not return unicode label
39624 Share a static variable across constructed generic types ?
39623 Resize in specific increments...
39622 International Datetime issue!
39621 Dynamically build a data entry form?
39620 Murach's C# 2005
39619 how do you detect a computer's time format?
39618 best way to implement a 'static destructor'
39617 Debugging design time behavior od user controls.
39616 Shared members, Events, Collections problem?
39615 Mail Merging
39614 Subclassing your own UserControl
39613 How to inherit the child elements of base type
39612 How to change default text back ground color in RichTextBox when it is disabled?
39611 newbie Main() or variable scope issue Thanks for replies its solved
39610 Encrypting files with secure passwords
39609 using a variable to display the number of images
39608 FileSystemWatch and AppDomain.Unload
39607 a little help with application setting?! [ConfigurationErrorsException! ]
39605 ow to hide the vertical scrollbar of listbox
39604 Method to Unpack byte array into a UInt64
39603 TCP application - Synchronization issue??
39602 $1 download the newest pda software
39601 problem with causesvalidation property (Visual studio 2005)
39600 UK postcode validation
39599 Adding text layer to PDF
39598 set placement of content holder?
39597 Web: Re-binding A DropDownList Within A DetailsView
39596 Getting DataRow information off a DataGrid (Database)
39595 Encrypting files with secure passwords im embarrassed
39594 Constructors
39593 Delegates/events
39592 Problem with using created COM object with C#.NET 2005 under Excel 2003 (Framework 2.0)
39591 Global user type definition
39590 Application.Run(new Main()) - The specified module could not be found.
39589 C# - Calling unmanaged DLL from managed C# code.
39588 Regular Expression
39587 html to jpg converter
39586 State of the Art Software Development Practices
39585 code to retrieve binary field from Sql Server
39584 RichTextBox margins, top indent?
39583 Article on replacing Activator.CreateInstance for performance
39582 export data from Microsoft Access to csv
39581 Why the @ ?
39580 WebBrowser.DocumentText being set stays on about:blank sometimes
39579 problem w/ returned char pointer from unmanaged c++ dll
39578 how to scroll WebBrowser
39577 Serialize Buffer Length
39576 VS 2005 C# multiple configuration project: different assembly references are not possible?!
39575 Very odd Sort problem when modifying DGV bound data
39574 Regex - dynamically creating pattern issue
39573 C# Newbie has threading problem...
39572 Newbie Q Re: Escape Characters
39571 Changing "true" and "false" with Enum?
39570 Newbie: In what order do events happen?
39569 Newbie to C# with question about signals, interrupts, etc.
39568 Newbie: creating DB tables from XML.
39567 Drag/Drop onto Picture Control
39566 casting WebService TreeNode to C# Client App TN
39565 need little help with using multiple threads
39564 Is this a bad design?
39563 How can I get the next autoincrement value from mssql$sqlexpress?
39562 create a new ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty
39561 Pass IMG Number
39560 Add new users to SQL Server mdf
39559 What is a .vcproj?
39197 property for an array field
39196 Smooth scroll of a DataGridView cell with large amount of data
39195 SQL problem: scope_identity() returning dbnull in insert statement.
39194 Enumerating user from remote computer
39193 Howto: Programmatically serialization Entry Method Parameters ( their values ) ?
39192 what exceptions do abstract classes (WebRequest) throw?
39191 problem in raising privilege level using manifest resource
39190 Problem calling XML (non-SOAP) web service with C#
39189 Computing Platform!
39188 How to associate an object with an unbound DataGridView row?
39187 Exception when databinding object with date to a datetimepicker.value
39186 Topmost Form, but INSIDE the application ?
39185 Fonts Folder
39184 ArrayList.Sort not sorting properly
39183 designer.cs from xsd file gets deleted when changes are made
39182 C# CSharp Reset Struct Class Memory
39181 Can't find a parameter?
39180 Constructor chaining order
39179 Word & C#
39178 Watch hundreds of TV channels online!
39177 Reading method parameters
39176 control's Dock property = Fill: fills entire form regardless of other 'Dock's.
39175 StreamWriter loses format of existing text?
39174 Reverse Video or Highlight of some text, but not all, in a textBox
39173 Extrct image form Word
39172 Determining Debug vs Release Mode at compile time
39171 Class construction
39170 Bizarre C# behavior
39169 Process
39168 this is perfect !
39167 List Current Applications running
39166 DataTable.Select strings
39165 Object Argument
39164 Data Formatting Expression
39162 "Error with resources file needs to be fixed"
39161 setting Control.Region takes too much time
39160 Are multiple events expensive?
39159 Install directory
39158 copy directory
39157 Groove Alternatives?
39156 Splitter control question.
37003 RichTextBox does not show FixedSingle
37002 BinaryWriter not converting strings to binary
37001 string copying
37000 Creating an MTP application
36999 Problem with attach in a web service
36998 Help with form controls
36997 link radio button to textbox
36996 List of enumerators?
36995 managed c++ calling c#: how to delegate?
36994 Inherited ToolStripMenuItem/WinForms Form Designer problem
36993 Dictate Packet Routing
36992 Dynamically changing the ID of a control
36380 RichTextBox repainting artifacts
36379 Problem running application from server
36378 Opinions on 3rd party code generators?

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