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C# Programming

toolbarBtn.Picture = Pic;

I created a com add-in for outlook 2003 in vs.net 2003 c#.
if I calling
stdole.IPictureDisp Pic =
And I don't have a vs.net installed in a computer:
I don't get errors, but I can't see the button add-in
The add-in not arrive to this part of the code
else - everything running OK!
Thanking you in anticipation
Maybe I need to use somewhere Aximp.exe???
internal class MatarotHost : AxHost
public MatarotHost() :
public static stdole.IPictureDisp ImageToIPicture(Image image)
{ //only with vs.net installed display this msg!!!
return (stdole.IPictureDisp)AxHost.GetIPictureDispFromPicture(image);


string ns = this.GetType().Namespace;
Assembly CurrentAssembly = this.GetType().Assembly;
System.IO.Stream imgStreamPic =
CurrentAssembly.GetManifestResourceStream(ns+"." + "matarotqm.bmp");
//problem from this line!!!
stdole.IPictureDisp Pic =
this.toolbarBtnWeb.Picture = Pic;


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