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C++ Programming

Drawing AVLTree By MFC

Hi Guys..

i have project AVLTree By using MFC but the biggest Problem is how can
i draw it  ? as bitmap   ? how can i call the bitmap and can i draw on
it ?

or Draw it as Lines ?

Can in one help me ? or give me tutorels   that help me ???

thanx by the way


You can draw in a bitmap and then blit the bitmap to the screen. To create
an appropriatte bitmap use the CreateDIBSection function.

For instance used here.

Basically you have the bits of the bitmap (the RGB values) in memory and can
set the individual pixels then when ready blit the bitmap to the screen.

Regards, Ron AF Greve


<coct@gmail.com> wrote in message


Regardless, this is OT in comp.lang.c++, as drawing and bitmaps are not
specified by the language.  OP would be better off posting in a
newsgroup dedicated to Windows and/or MFC programming, where such
questions *are* on topic.
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