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C++ Programming

77164 Memory Leak/Profiling
77163 Delete a node in a single link list that takes O(1) time
77162 Nested exception throwing
77161 * Sizzling Boobies all new pics and Vidz
77160 teckchek c++ test
77159 Insert C code chunk in a big C++ program
77158 protected member
77157 Binary Search Tree
77156 about static vector (of pointers) member function
77155 Problem overloading operator= in a class
77153 C++ Syntax Confusion
77152 friend classes and functions
77151 Using operator new in function call and what the expr evaluates to
77150 using a new_handler
77149 Using a template to 'new' a forward declared class
77148 ^*^*^*^ Busty Booby Pics ^*^
77147 what's the correct behaver about this ( conversion operator )
77146 unexplainable segfaults
77145 Structure padding warnings when porting to 64 bit
77144 local type as template argument
77143 timing statistics for stl containers
77141 Question about derived class and copy constructors....
77140 Nested class with public access????
77139 name mangling under Visual 8
77138 How do I get around circular references in C++?
68273 publicly/privately derived types
68272 compiler error
68270 typeid question
68269 a simple problem about using stl op text files
68268 How to use the "unsigned" representation of a number
68267 Default arguements in Template
68266 Yet Another Software Challenge
68265 Stringstreams Getline
68264 what's the design pattern of following codes?
68263 BZip2 c++ error
68262 =// Homeland Security on High Alert
68261 Argument-Dependent Lookup
68260 Compile-error with converted VC++ 2005 project
68259 transform into templates
68258 Multiple template arguments
68257 Bitwise AND overloading and argument list
68256 Heterogeneous containers with CRTP
68255 Seeking tool to generate skeleton C++ code from header files
68253 maps to hold ultra large data sets using customer allocators to allocate disk space rather than main memory
68252 How to check the memory usage in VC
68251 Create and mount partitions
68250 check for divisor equal to zero if when handling floats?
68249 Class wide object declaration question
68248 Functional programming: its got what coders crave!
68247 check if disk is corrupt
68246 Function template type inference doesn't work with inheritance?
68245 self deleting exe
68244 C/C++ library to access a process's stdin and stdout?
68243 IfThenElse template
68242 Database Error (HRESULT)
68241 Is the following hack legal at all?
68239 Google Seo Optimization Software - Seo Optimizer - Search Engine CONsulting software......
68238 Bogus cast from class to totally unrelated class works - why?
68237 Using const references as local smart pointer?
68236 Overloading matching weirdness
68235 Learn How you Can make Millions at home from a Billion Dollar Industry!!!!!
68234 C++ Templates on MS VS C++
68233 passing parameter in member declaration
68232 Dec2Bin conversion
68231 Instantiating a Derived from a Base
68230 Help required
68229 Why is overloading operator. (member operator) forbidden?
68228 aliasing a class
68227 Need a computer
68226 Template array with pointers
68225 save iterator as a DWORD
68224 C++ library for SCADA project (Linux/Unix, Windows, OpenVMS)
68223 copy constructor doubt
68222 Paradox Language driver change
68221 Path della dll in uso!
68220 Using Vectors in classes - public access
68219 Efficiently reading a string from a specific point in a file
68218 question about ifstream::read()
68217 Templates vs overloaded functions?
68216 private constructor and new operator overloading.
68215 Operation of STL vector
68214 Is this possible: map of references (map<string&, string&>)
68213 vsscanf()
68212 why is "this->" necessary sometimes?
68211 #define versus a constant variable
68210 How to handle localtime() on old timestamps? Options
68209 *** Secret Technical Papers, dont tell the FBI incompetentos ***
68208 What's up with rounding in cmath?!
68207 initializing bitset with variable number of bits
68206 Dynamic multidimensional array, deallocation of pointer not malloced..
68205 bloodshed dev c++ compiler
68204 C or C++?
68203 simple problem with delete []
68202 Specifying a defualt value for the parameters in a method
68201 Trap representations producing Undefined Behavior
68200 declarations for class dependencies
68199 questions about dynamic binding
68198 newbie question on singleton class
68197 frontend debugger?
68196 Designing a class hierarchy with parents and children
68195 Handling Out of memory - Linux
68194 Which function gets specialized?
68193 How to specialize a function template correctly?
68191 MFC question
68190 Generic iterators to specific types
68189 bytes to unsigned long
68188 network
68187 problem
68186 Compile time vs runtime?
68185 Usage of "auto". What for?
68184 _efficiently_ obtain n-th word from a std::string
68183 STL set container problem
68182 An overloaded operator& needs the address of its argument
68181 declare member variable for each type in a typelist
68180 Is it possible to identify caller function from a callee?
68179 memory reading problem in c++
68178 can a container contain references?
68177 Stream operator in namespace masks global stream operator
68176 aggregate return warnings
68175 Function pointer problem
68174 Exception
68173 A Template that rejects classes.
68172 Wii
68171 Call base class constructor?
68170 Yahoo Hacked! Credit Card information stolen OMG!
68169 boost::variant Binary visitation
68168 Warning message
68167 Dev-C++_IDE_settings
68166 Efficient way to search through points
68165 Magic Number !!
68164 exit() from within C++ program
68163 C++
68162 Problem with template class on GCC
68161 templates, inheritance and [] operator overloading
68160 How to read a short int variable?
68159 OutputIterator value_type
68158 get 1D row of 2D vector array
68157 Pointers to key and value of a map
68156 Differences between Copy on Write (COW) and counted reference
68155 Avoid nested "if's"?
68154 Exception Handling
68153 Fast way to read a text file line by line
68152 Survey: ATI vs. Nvidia
68151 why does initialise with vector not work here ?
68150 vector class string sort
68149 Binary or text file
68148 Creating .txt file
68147 Why specify a virtual function in a derived class?
68146 .Net VC++ Java C++ Windows Internals Unix Internals
68145 Mechanical Engineer with VC++ Skills
68144 Polymorph in Place
68143 Generic programming
68142 msvc and strdup?
68141 Help: Problem with SDL code
68140 "Virtual functions allow polymorphism on a single argument" ?
68139 suggestions please
68138 Iterators
68137 how to op text file use stl string?
68136 Generic container where type is known only at runtime
68135 vector subscript out of range
64055 Namespace goes with template?
64053 want to write a program for myself
64052 Problem with template
64051 program 4 skool project
64049 Sorting a map<T*>
64048 Pointer to vector<T> contents
64047 Explicit typedef
64046 Code & W.Form
64045 How can I write graceful codes?
64044 Boost lib problem in debug model, VC++
64043 Can you fix this code?
64042 Export the contents of a SqlDataReader to CSV file in ASP.NET
64041 Another Group
64040 C++ Vs VC+
64039 Extra Income Online
64038 operator << for std::string in #define
64037 Can size of array allocated through new be changed ??
64036 Download FireFox with the New Google Toolbar
64035 Tool for reviewing c++ code ?
64034 How to delete a locked file ?
64033 Linker error: undefined reference
64032 Dereferencing a null-pointer allowed?
64030 Using "this" in a base initializer list?
64029 Static member in a class
64028 Custom Pool Allocator Question
64027 warning: taking address of temporary
64026 Grammar: What's in a type-specifier-seq?
64025 Parallell struct dependancy in C++
64024 How to Port C++ dll in Linux to Windows?
64023 General File management Library
64022 Need custom software - pay good!
64021 How to memcpy specifying starting and ending points...
64020 please help

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