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C++ Programming

64019 oops for chess board game.
64018 Searching for stack based containers
64017 A simple unit test framework
64016 inheritance is not for code-reuse (??)
64015 smart pointers -- C++ Primer
64014 How to read a part of an integer
64013 Passing a pointer of constructor
64012 Problem with static variable in template class
64011 Locating build-in functions
64010 polymorphism; dummy parameters
64009 asking about MFC
64008 System call and library call
64007 looking for code to read screen parameters from command prompt
64006 reference member variable question
64005 Binary trees
64004 memory
64003 Please help..!!!
64002 Again help...
64001 overload "operator->"
64000 how long can a temporary object live?
63999 serialize a class
63998 memory problem..
63997 why does this call the destructor?
63996 why template class member fuction definition should be in header file??
63995 overriding placement new + memory management
63994 Virtual Variables?
63993 destructor invoked without constructor.
63992 MFC classes: CDatabase, CRecordset
63991 scanf right square bracket
63990 how can i create google desktop api using C++.plz help!
63989 Compiling C++ on MS Windows
63988 Possible to do the following with Exceptions ?
63987 ambiguous superclass functions when specializing STL class
63986 find the bugs
63985 CFP: ISMM'07 (Montreal, Oct 07)
63984 Temporary and non-const member function
63983 inclusion guards
63982 memory aligment problem
63981 handling with arrays, what will be faster???
63980 new() and memcpy()
63979 how to add header files
63978 "istream" problem
63977 Interdependent classes
63976 namespaces,
63975 delete, hash_map
63974 difference between Rad and C respect delphi
63973 How to write PHP server
63972 Help with templates and code generalization
63971 class and array of struct
63970 What am I doing wrong ?
63969 C++, Win32 API, .NET, Java, J2ee in UK-Work permit
63968 Help learning C++
63967 How to get a templated class to determine template argument list on it's own?
63966 how to draw somthing (e.g. a line or pixel) on a dialog box?
63965 Did you read about that?
63964 how is string::c_str() implemented?
63963 a compiler error with template function
63962 Linking code with templates and template libraries
63961 Passing a temporary object to a reference parameter
63960 ctime clock
63959 Partial Specialization Method
63958 Problem overloading extraction operator
63957 New Skype 4.1 Alpha released for linux.
63956 trouble printing 'Hello World'
63955 Trouble with setting environment variables. WIN32 using system();
63953 read operation in c++
63952 Custom Software Development
63951 Multiplication instead of pointer declaration
63950 template template parameters
63949 Pointer on templated class
63948 const member variables in a class...
63947 Object construction question
63946 problem declaring template
63945 how to initialize static references to an object, second attempt
63944 HD-DVD key cracked.
63943 Strange include order problems
63942 need help with undefined reference errors
63941 Mapping Class Diagram to C++ coding
63940 Structure Definition Tool
63939 static_cast better than C cast ?
63938 Mapping
63937 I need help for std::codecvt<>
63936 C++ ebooks, we can together make this a great effort
63935 Template question
63934 Derived Class Constructors
63933 ... the most common database used in Linux
63932 two types of heap allocated objects--any benefit?
63931 Visual C++ and large 2d arrays
63930 Private members?
60141 biew-5.6.4 has been released
60139 Can this be solved with templates?
60138 stdin charset
60137 Multiple dispatch using templates - too good to be true?
60136 Doubt about open() function used inside a C++ function.
60135 Virtual inheritance
60134 Exceptions in destructors
60133 vector<const string> not allowed?
60132 virtual vs pure virtual member function
60131 Announcing Xrtti - Extended Runtime Type Information for C++
60130 function templates
60129 Implicit conversion of iterator to reverse_iterator
60128 OT : OO Design.
60127 Good book on Visual Studio C++
60126 How is friend function/class resolved ?
60125 Want to be a Microsoft Student Partner?
60124 Comparing floating point numbers
60123 How to use std::cout to output a char as a number?
60122 help with boost signals and gpp
60121 Problem with STL vector peformance, benchmarks included
60120 corrupted pointer when initing a dll
60119 How to sort the files by date on findfirst?
60118 how to create a network buffer ?
60117 All what you are looking for and much more
60116 temporaries and const&
60115 Help on a good C Decompiler
60114 Type conversion
60113 Online Mafia Kills 13 drive by shootings
60112 Where to start?
60111 avoiding boilerplate recursion code - visitors, iterators
60110 Question regarding a very simple UML diagram
60109 Virtual Inheritance Performance Impact
60108 Inline recursive functions?
60107 partial template specialization
60106 STL based LRU cache, any suggestions for improvements?
60105 Gdb issues with virtual inheritance
60104 Fast STL data structure
60103 why is this code so slow?
60102 Declaring a private field in class
60101 Initializing member variables that are struts
60100 SQL query in C++
60099 how to force overriding
60098 Length of Dynamically Created Multidemensional Arrays
60097 Function Signatures
60096 Plans for deprecation
60095 reference vs pointer
60094 templated code not able to call correct constructor
60093 vector of pointers.
60092 Advice on learning C++ needed
60091 Problem with copy constructor.
60090 Need advice on learning C++
60088 Multiple Definitions
60087 Function call after switch but before first case - behavior?
60086 questions about object initialization, default-init and value-init
60085 error compiling stl samples with g++ in cygwin
60084 Does Qt4 TCP Socket client can communicate with POSIX Server ?
60083 virtual function declaration
60082 Source Code
60081 error: aggregate 'Window wnd' has incomplete type and cannot be defined
60080 Some thoughts on polymorphism
60079 very simple pass by reference question
60078 error correcting
60077 Mac modifier
57008 C++ realloc()
57007 sorting 2 related string arrays
57006 Why we can not overload the static_cast operator?
57005 Issues with concurrent pieces of code
57004 Convert date recevied as String to date in local time zone
57003 visit http://www.real-article.com/ja va/index.php
57002 Crystal Concepts offering PHP-MYSQL & JAVA/J2EE
57001 Catching overriding methods with wrong signature
57000 Is it possible... (defining new particular operators)
56999 DllImport with c++
56998 vector::insert performance tip.
56997 Declaring iterators
56996 Why can't I have a vector<string[]>?
56995 SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Seo Consulting
56994 Call constructor in another
56993 ===Welcome to comp.lang.c++! Read this first.
56992 typecasting...
56991 std::set
56990 How should I handle the multibyte char set string in C++?
56989 Help with strange (for me) STL problem that disappers when rebuilding all
56988 video lectures on C, C++ and other programming and Computer science.
56987 UML relationship between a simple Event handling framework components in C++
56986 calling Parametrised construtor with less number of arguments
56985 assigning vector with predefined values
56984 templates of derived classes
56983 how to initialize static references to an object?
56982 Inheritance
56981 I want to create a std::ifstream using std::string
56980 array of pointers
56979 iTechArt Group -Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing Company
56978 Bit Shifting Question
56977 Interview question
56976 string Vs Char *
56975 Multiple inheritance with only one virtual base destructor
56974 lost messages?
56973 quick question on using this keyword in 'clone' method ..
56972 testing
56971 Command line parser
56970 ICFP Programming Contest 2007
56969 Tracing an address
56968 #define problem
56967 array , functions
56966 Compilation problem with templates
56965 C++ sizeof
56964 an array of pointers, causing segmentation fault

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