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Fortran Programming Language

Can "Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003" hide the code of Fortran?

In my program, there are some code I didn't want use kown, however, I
must use sometime in the future. So I comment it like the following

! ******************
! ***************
! *************
! *******
! ***

However, the code is very long and take a lot of space. So, what I
really want to ask is that: Is there any way hide the code (like in C+

Yes, strategies similar to those in C are in widespread use.  Among them
would be use of pre-processor conditional compilation directives, and
placing the code in INCLUDE files. Most Fortran compilers support
traditional-C like pre-processing. Coco pre-processing according to
Fortran standard generally requires you to install the pre-processor
yourself.  The main reason for not using C++ pre-processor is to
preserve the // operator for Fortran standard use.
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