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Fortran Programming Language

New Fortran Forum (April 2007)

Wow, bigger, better, more attractive presentation.

Gary Scott
mailto:garylscott@sbcglobal dot net

Fortran Library:  http://www.fortranlib.com

Support the Original G95 Project:  http://www.g95.org
Support the GNU GFortran Project:  http://gcc.gnu.org/fortran/index.html

If you want to do the impossible, don't hire an expert because he knows
it can't be done.

-- Henry Ford

What, where, is this "new fortran forum" !!??

"Gary Scott" <garylsc@sbcglobal.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:pjp8i.11688$2v1.2684@newssvr14.news.prodigy.net...

On Jun 5, 4:48 pm, "Tim Springer" <Tim.Sprin@solenix.ch> wrote:
> What, where, is this "new fortran forum" !!??

Not sure if this link will work but:


If not, try http://www.acm.org and search for SIGPLAN or Fortran
Forum.  I thought there used to be a more convenient link for
subscribing, but didn't find it.

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